The Ripper Soul | By: Oscar Cumpsty | | Category: Short Story - Horror Bookmark and Share

The Ripper Soul

The famous British serial killer named Jack The Ripper's body was found by a group of Americans on a world tour. When the group went to a desert, the body was there. They all thought it was best left alone. When nobody was there, the body sprung up and hid cameras around the destert and hid behind a large cactus. man after man died, until a person found the cameras in daytime when the risen coupse was in hell. The footage was never shared on the internet only neighbors like myself knew. soon, The Ripper Soul moved to a different desert with more tourists. Thousands had died or paralyzed and buried. Whenever it became daytime, The Ripper Soul would be dragged into hell while he said, "night in the desert and I will rise, doing my passion from human life because the fame was like a prize." The Ripper Soul changes desert everytime he comes up. next time you go to a desert make sure it's daytime because the main victim didn't.


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