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Without you

(Girl) Without you I'm broken I'm weakened and every single day I remember how you smiled at me 

(Boy) I would confess if only I knew if you would still love me in the morning and without you in my life I wouldn't be having this feeling 

(girl) I know he might feel the same way but what if he's just being a good friend I don't want him to think I don't care for him but I think it best if we forget it 

(Rap part) 

my love my friend till the end if I knew that you loved me I would have loved you back and we could have gone to parks and I know your scared of barks so you would have jumped into my arms then I would have comforted you like you always did for me when I was having I bad time on the streets of L.A but then you found my bleeding on the street and your eyes where as blue as an angel and you helped me get off the streets and you helped me get a home where I now pay my own rent and mow my own lawn and I'm so sorry I haven't done anything like that for you when you needed me all because I chose something that I can't even remember over you but now I realize that I should have chosen you I would have chosen you only if I knew you will still love me in the morning 

(girl) I will love you in the morning only if I know you will but I don't care about that anymore I just want you to lay with me in bed and feel the warmth of your body on mine and know that I'm not alone because I always feel alone without you 

with with out out you without without you ohooo ohooo 

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