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The blind love

My name is Madge and I'll tell you about this boy and his love for me 

so it all started when their was a new student coming to Spring Hill high school so I'm really shy and I didn't go talk to him but I accidentally bumped into him and knocked all of his stuff out of his hands and I quickly fell to the ground and started to help him pick all of his stuff up then are hands accidentally touched and we both started to blush then the next day he introduced himself to me he said " Hi my name is billy I'm new here and I- " I cut him off and said I know you are op sorry I do that a lot continue" then wile he was talking I looked at him and he had brown hair like me and gorgeous bright blue eyes his soft face he was also a little bit taller than me but I didn't care he was my dream my thought in my head and his voice is soft and sweet but I didn't know him that well so when he was walking away I said "wait umm" what he said then I said " would you like to be friends?" He looked at me and thought for a second or two then he just nodded his head and said yes then he walked away 

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