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The friend

Boy- hey Madge how ya doing today 

Madge- I'm doing great today thanks for asking what about you?

boy- oh me I'm doing good as well 


Madge- hi Jack can I ask you something 

Jack- ya sure what is it? 
Madge- umm so if you liked your best friend and you wanted to tell him that you liked him without being awkward or embarrassing yourself how would you tell them?

Jack- oh well that's confusing 

Madge- ya I know but I'm just wondering what you thought 

Jack- well I'll have to think on that one 


Madge thought- oh I don't know how to tell Jack I'm scared of what he'll do or say 

Madge- oh heeeey Jack I have another question 

Jack- ya what is it 

Madge- do you like any of your friends?

Jacks thought- hmmmm 

Madge- Jack??¿

Jack- oh sorry I was thinking 

Madge- ok so do you?¿

Jack- maybe wait hmmmm yes I do 

Madge- what is the first letter of her name?

Jack- it's M 

Madges thought- gasps my name starts with an M maybe he likes me?!

Madge- hey Jack do you like me?¿

Jacks thought- dang it !!

Jack- sigh yes and I know your gonna laugh or do something to embarrass me bu-

Jacks thought- gasp she kissed me I can't believed she is kissing me!!

Madge thought - I knew I should've done this a long time ago

Jack- y- you kissed me? Why?

Madge- because I like you Jack 

Since that day Madge and Jack have been together for 40 years and they had two kids who are adults now and they are successful parents And their parents are having their best life before they die 


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