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The Gay Little Bunnies. 1150Wds.


It was the best burrow in the forest. All the other rabbits said that to Doris and Mina. At least all their friends did. The two girl bunnies liked each other ... a lot. They didn't like boy rabbits and preferred living together.


Rabbits can be like people in many ways. Some of them didn't like to see two boy or girl rabbits live together. They thought that every boy bunny should have a girlfriend, and that every girl bunny should have a boyfriend. Most of them did -- but some didn't. They were different. Some bunnies, just like people, didn't like anyone being different than themselves, in any way.


The other animals called Doris and Mina "Gay", but made them "Sad" instead. I'll bet you've never seen a sad bunny, have you?


Doris Rabbit and Mina Bunny both had good jobs at Mr. Elmer's farm. They pulled weeds out of his carrot patch and he paid them in carrots and lettuce. Then the girls used the carrots and lettuce to trade for other things to use in their burrow.


That's why their burrow was so pretty, with cute little things on the arms of their chairs, nice rugs on the floor to keep their little paws warm in the wintertime, and even electric lights and heaters. Not very many bunnies have electric lights and heaters.


In her spare time Mina Bunny worked at the hospital for free, helping sick animals. She helped all the sick animals, not just the bunnies. Doris Rabbit would take young animals out camping in the summertime. Have you ever gone camping? Scary, isn't it?


Everything was nice back then, before the preacher moved into that forest.


Now, Benny Bunny was a good preacher. He taught the other animals all about God. He made enough money by preaching to have a nice burrow too, but not as nice as Doris and Mina's. The preacher taught many good things, like your teacher does, but he also taught bad things too.


Preacher Benny Bunny preached to the other animals that Doris and Mina were evil. They were bad because they didn't have boyfriends.


"Every girl bunny should have a boyfriend," Preacher Benny would say at Sunday School, "because God says so. If bunnies didn't do that, there would soon be no more bunnies."


God says this, and God says that, he preached. He would glare at the two girls, and not even shake their hands after church. After awhile, Doris and Mina stopped going to church. They stayed home on Sunday and read their Bible together instead. Even bunnies get tired of being rejected.


Before long, there was hate in the forest. Not hate like you say when you get mad at your Mama, but real big people hate. The kind where people hurt other people. The kind of hate where you know you are right and that other people are wrong. They are wrong just because they don't think like you do, look like you do, or do things the same way you do. Isn't that silly?


Preacher Benny Bunny preached that kind of hate, along with his many good things. He thought he was the only one in the forest that knew what God wanted.


Soon Doris and Mina had other rabbits singing church songs outside their burrow, telling them they had to leave. Those other bunnies believed the preacher and forgot what Doris and Mina had done to help them. They told Doris and Mina that they were bad and were going to hell when they died.


First, Doris was told she couldn't work at the hospital anymore. The hospital boss said he didn't need a bad bunny like her. Then Mina also lost her job of taking little animals camping. Her boss told her that they didn't want a bad bunny to be around their children. Now that was stupid too, wasn't it?


Not being wanted made Doris and Mina cry. It made the sick animals and little ones sad too. They liked Doris and Mina.


The preacher was still not happy.


"We don't want bunnies like them around here," he preached at his church. "God has no place on His earth for such evil bunnies."


Both Doris and Mina lost most of their friends, even the ones who didn't go to Preacher Benny's church. The other rabbits didn't want to be seen with them. They thought that if others saw them with Doris or Mina, it would make them seem bad too.


Then Preacher Benny Bunny talked to Farmer Elmer. He told Farmer Elmer about God not liking two girl rabbits living together without boyfriends. He also told Farmer Elmer that nobody would buy his carrots and lettuce if Doris and Mina worked for him.


Farmer Elmer needed to sell lettuce and carrots or his family would starve, so he fired Doris and Mina. Now the two girl bunnies didn't have jobs. They didn't have any more carrots or lettuce, either.


Preacher Benny Bunny kept on preaching hate about the two girl bunnies, until they had only a few friends left who gave them food. Those friends couldn't feed them forever, and soon the two were hungry.


More and more, the other animals called them names and tried to make them leave the forest. Preacher Benny, though, had many friends, even other preachers. Bunnies, squirrels, meeses, ratties and groundhogs would come from other towns to have angry parties outside Doris and Mina's house, leaving trash and nasty signs that the two would have to clean up themselves.


The two girl bunnies would stand in their doorway and listen to animals that used to be friends call them names. Doris and Mina would listen and cry big bunny tears.


One day, they came home from the store and found their burrow was messed up. Someone had come in while they were gone and broke everything. Even their nice rug and electric heaters were busted into little pieces. Policeman Peter Rabbit only shrugged broad shoulders, not seeming to care.


Doris and Mina had no more food to eat and no place to live. The sad little girl bunnies had to leave the forest forever.


Was Preacher Benny Bunny or his god happy when they left?


No. He was not happy. Now he would have to preach against the deer with their dangerous horns that could hurt people, then Farmer Elmer because he was human and should go back to where HIS Kind lived.


Then there were those pesky dishonest-looking crows. After that would come fat animals like groundhogs. And don't forget the cute little squirrels that made so much noise, and even smokers. In fact, he would preach against everyone who was not a rabbit or didn't agree with him and his god.


Ask your Mama what YOUR preacher would say about Doris and Mina.


The End.

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