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Kristen Just Doesn't Listen

David Hasslehoff contacts Kristen

David is a life gauard at a San Diego beach called Mission

He suggests to Kristen, "If you are going to the beach, use sun block, so you don't start blisterin'

Kristen ignores the pig lover and she starts blisterin', all because Kristen just doesn't listen

Kristen calls back David Hasslehoff and tells him, "You are into beastilaility."

"You tried to have sex with a pig, that's reality."

David replies, " You are messing up my feamale pickup system."

"Because Kristen, you just don't listen."

David no longer calls 

He is now looking for chicks in the high school halls

Kristen now builds lamps with so much support by her side

Always proud, never satisfied

Kristen has car trouble, she says it's the valves, a mechanic says it's the pistons

The valves get changed, still car toruble, because Kristen just doesn't listen

Kristen meets a guy, he calls himself Small Fry

He tries to get Kristen high

Kristen uses her female intuition

Kristen does listen, but she only listens to Kristen



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