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World's Greatest Navy Part 9Austrailia

So now it was time to leave Austrailia, now underway to cross the Equator, if a Sailor, such as me had never crossed the Equator, was called a Pollywog, Wog for short, those who have crossed the Equator had the honor of being called a Shellback.

The ship was still a couple of days away from the Equator, so the Shellbacks had plenty of time to set up the initiation for us Wogs.

First part of the iniation a Royal Baby and a Beauty Queen had to be selected for the iniation, the Royal Baby always hand picked, always the heaviest guy on the ship would be the Royal Baby.

The Beauty Queen was decided by the Shellbacks, so a Beauty Contest was held, a Boatswain's Mate was selected.

One of the contestants was a Nuke Machinist Mate, he wore a black wig and black lipstick, had tatoos everywhere, the song playing in the backgrond was Sweet Transvestite from the Cult Movie Classic, Rocky Horror Picture Show, so funny.

The next day was the iniation, all Wogs were advised to go to sleep early, foor tomorrow was going to be a long day.

At 3 am, the Shellbacks raided all sleeping areas and gathered all the Wogs together to start the initiation.

All Wogs were told to get and wear their underwear on the outside of their trousers.

If a sailor didn't properly wash or wipe thier ass it was going to show here.

I didn't want to take a chance, so I opened a brand new pack of underwear.

Now it was time for breakfast, all Wogs had to crawl on their hands and knees to the dining area to be fed, in the meantime, being yelled at and hit on the ass with pieces of firehose called a Shillelagh.

For breakfast we were fed Sardine Pancakes and Green colored Shrimp and Scrambled Eggs.

I like shrimp, scrambled eggs and sardines but I hate pancakes.

After breakfast, the Wogs were all led out to the Main Deck, it was a stormy day alot of rain and wind.

First the Wogs had to kiss the feet of the Beauty Queen, and then remove a grape covered with mustard for the Belly Button of the RoyalBaby with their teeth and then eat it.

Now it was time to crawl through the tunnel of spoiled food and other types of garbage, if a Wog had a weak stomach, there would now be Shrimp, Scrambled Egg, Pancakes and Sardines in the Tunnel.

There of course was.

After emerging from the tunnel a Shellback would direct the Wog to get in a pool of cold water and hold their breath under water until the Wog was tapped on the back and asked by the Shellbac, "Are you a Wog or a Shellback?"

Of course I answered back, "Shellback."

I was then told by the Shellback, "Welcome aboard Fellow Shellback." 

My part of the initiation was over, I was now a Shellback, but there still a long line of Wogs waiting to earn the title of Shellback.

Now there would be a long underway period, of 72 days called the Great Gonzo, which would take us to Diego Garcia next in Part 10 of the World's Greatest Navy.

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