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Noah From Alcoa

So another guy comes to work at UECO

Until you ask where they work last, you never know

So someone does ask, "where did you work last?"

Noah replies, "I don't like discussing my past."

Noah continues, "However, I will tell you my name is Noah."

"I am Noah from Alcoa."

A female approaches Noah 

"Well Noah from Alcoa."

"My name is Sharona from Barcelona."

Noah replies, " You mean Barcelona Spain."

She replies, "Yes I am from Barcelona Spain."

"But originally from the Ukraine."

Noah asks, "Do you know Ivan Kerkistoff? He screwed a pig, he screws animals that is bad."

Sharona replies back, "Miss Piggy gave birth, now I have a Man Bear Pig as a brother, Ivan is my dad."

Noah comments,"The Man, the Pig, I get it, the Bear I don't understand."

Sharona explains,"My dad is a hairy back man."

Noah will never marry Sharona from Barcelona

So Noah will be a loner who used to work at Alcoa

Noah thinks to himself, " What I have learned is Man Bear Pig exists."

"I wil add that to my Bizzare List."

"Also I learned Conrad was once a Mobile Male Stripper, Nina is Meaner, David set fire to his kitchen, Josh is a Secret Agent man."

The rest of this Urban Electric Compoany world I am trying my best to understand

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