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The World's Greatest Navy Part 8 Austrailia

So the port visit is Freemantle, Austrailia, not much in Freemantle, however, the bus ride to the train station was cool, we got see Koalas sleeping in trees, we saw Wallabys and Kangaroos hopping around.

The train would take us to Perth, the nearest biggets city.

on the train there were a lot of Punk Rockers with all the accessories, such as thigh high black boots, Black leather jackets with steel spikes, colored hair, nose piercings and all the other standard equipment.

But hearing them talk with the accent was very entertaining.

We arrived in Perth, we were hungry, so we stopped in at IHOP, ate breakfast and then wanted dessert in the liquid form of beer.

So we stopped in at a local bar, all waitresses were bare chested beauties, I could not help but stare, but after a while I felt bad for them, what a demeaning way to earn a living.

After a beer we left and decided we would go to a roadside mom and pop rig to drink more beer and have a Kangaroo burger topped beets.

While we were in port a couple the Sailors went AWOL (Absent Withot Leave) and then when we got back underway, they missed the ship and had to be brought to the ship by helicopter.

It used to be when a sailor would get in troble, during the underway periods, they could be serving their punishment and by the time the next port was visited, they served their punishment and were able to go aout see the sights and party.

The Navy sometime along the way got wise to this and changed the punishment policy to the punishment was only enfored in port.

When at sea, the punishment was suspended until the next port visit.

Well now it was our last day in Austrailia I had duty so I could not leave the ship, so I asked a fellow Cook to get me one last souvenir, he brought me back a tee shirt with a picture of the Freemantke and it was two sizes too small.

We would now be on our way to the Equator, Shellback initaition during Part 9.

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