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Nina Has Become Meaner

It all started when Nina

Had a spot on a shirt that she jus got back from the Dry Cleaners

Her day didn't get any better

There was mold on her block of cheddarNina is a Food Blogger and Food critic known around the Globe

The articles she writes are posted in Foodoligy Magazine under the title From The Stove

One day David Hasslehoff sends Nin a picture along with a text

The picture shows David wearing a tee shirt that reads, Whip Me, Beat Me, Make Me Write Bad Checks

NIna asks David, "What happened to Miss Piggy?"

David replies, "I wasn't man enough for the Sow, so she dumped me, ain't no biggie."

David says, "When we meet, I will hold you tight and always so very close."

Nina replies, "If you try that you will leave with a broken nose."

David says, "I don't appreciate your verbal demeanor."

Nina says, "That's too bad, I am just getting meaner."

So Nina was getting hungry in the mood for hotdogs and fries

She goes to a grocery store called Penny Wise

She gets the fries and is looking for the Ball Park Franks and all they have are Oscar Meyer Wieners

Nina mumbels to her self, "This is the kind of things that cause me to be even more meaner."

Nina fixes dinner, her room mate Tina complains about the wieners

Nina kicks out Tina and yells to Tina, "You have caused me to much more meaner."

Inina invites Zina to move in and replace Tina

When Zena sleeps she snores like the laugh of a Hyena

This causes Nina to not sleep, she gets up and wants a snack, she attempts to use her vegetabke steamer

It is not working, no sleep because of the Hyena, Nina is even more meaner

Go ahead Nina stay mean

I see you jus got a text from the Womanizer Charlie Sheen

Your brother Josh has left your scene

He told you, "You are just too bloddy mean."






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