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World's Greatest Navy Part 6

So now, I have really settled in, got to know a lot of sailors, I am no longer a Boot or a Sea Bitch.

During this time, Marijuana was not illegal in the Military.

If you were caught with it, you could only be told to get rid of it.

So I would be at work two Gunners Mates, Don or Shane sometimes both woukd come and asked me if I wanted to get stoned, my reply,"Hell yeah."

We would get together and smoke some weed and zone out.

Sometimes I woulkd be at the Enlisted Club, they would come and find me.

Party, party, party.

Once I helped Don retint his 69 Chevelle while we were stoned, a complete waste of effort.

I would always say I want a girlfriend, I feel lonely all the time.

One of my fellow cooks named Steve, hooked me up with a blind date.

I had just been promoted to E-4.

One of the Nuke Electrician E-6  Jim, was so exited and happy for me to finally maybe have a girlfriend, he offered me to use his 71 Torino.

So finally, Friday night was here, Steve and I drove to San Rafael.

We soon arrived at my Blind Date's residency, I was introduced to my date, her name was Rachelle.

She was a beautiful girl.

So I told myself, "Well this is over before it begins, she is too pretty for me, but she will probably go out just because she agreed to."

So Steve and Linda rode in the back seats, I was driving, Rachelle sat next to me in the front bech seat.

Being as how big that bench seat was, she was sitting really close to me.

So we were making small tlk, trying to get to know one another, she asks,"Does anyone want some Wine Coolers?"

I had no idea what a Wine Cooler was, but the Wine meant alcohol, so I said sure.

We stopped by a package store and Rachelle went in and picked up 2 4 packs of some Wine Coolers.

She was 21, the rest of us were under age.

We drove to San Francisco, found a place to park, so we could enjoy the drinks.

After we started drinking, I noticed Rachelle moved a little closer towards me, so I though I would put my arm around her, she scooted right next to me.

I thought, "Wow this beautiful girl inerested in me, how is this possible?"

Then we wanted to find a place to use the bathroom, so I went to park in front of a Mc Donald's, I was parkig and backed up a little to far and backed in to a Porsche.

I got out and noticed no damage on either vehicle and drove off.

By then, Linda, steve and Rachelle finished off the Wine Coolers, Linda was so wasted, had to pull over and let her puke.

Rachelle was getting cold, so I put my jacket on her.

Steve said, "I cant take her home like this, her parents will be pissed."

I replied, "You know they would blame Rachelle for this, she is the only one who is 21.I can't let Rachelle gat blamed for this, just tell them I supplied the alcohol."

I suggested let's hang out for a while until Linda sobers up.

We did and Linda felt better so we brought the girls back home.

Rachelle told Linda and he parents what a gentleman I was and she would like to see e again

Soon after a few dates, Steve asks me,"Rachelle wants to know why you don't want to have sex with her?"

I said," I am nervous, I don't know what to do, I am still a virgin."

He replied, "Well if you don't want to jump those bones, another guy will.

Sure enough, I come back from 2 weeks of underway training, she had dumped me and went back to her old boyfriend.

So in the next chapter, things will change drastically for me.

So many times by females, being dumped like a piece of worthless trash, I started to believe it.




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