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A Fire In the Kitchen

David had this great idea

He wanted to update their kitchen with items from IKEA

Samantha asks David, "Why? you don't know how to cook."

David reaches in a bag and pulls out a brand new cookbook

The title was 500 Ways

To Have Your Home Seliing Like Bacon For Days

Samantha looks at David and says, "I am a little concerned, last time you boiled water, it burned."

David replies back, "Trust me."

Samantha could feel his heart was really in.

But sometimes, in some cases, even trust has its' limits

David asks Samantha, "What could possibly go wrong?"

Samantha is hoping this idea won't last too long

David says, " I have to scratch that itch that is itchin'."

Samantha pleads to him, "Please stay out of the kitchen."

Soon Friday evening had come

The kitchen fears for Samantha, had settled some

David tells Samantha, "Tomorrow morning, you will be awakend."

David the tells Samatha, " Tomorrow mornig, the whole house will smell like bacon."

The next morning, David gets the bacon in the frying pan and it starts sizzlin'

He tells himself, " I will check on it during Puppy Bowl intermission."

David's wish to cook was a burning desire

He goes to the kitchen and the kitchen is on fire

Soon the fire is out of control

He says, " Well I guess I will misss the second half of the Puppy Bowl."

He knows he better act and do something sooner than later

He grabs what he can from the refrigerator

Samantha and David had to go

David was able to grab a jar of mayonnaise and the rest of last night's Jello

David and Samatha watch helplessly as their house burns down

Samatha thinks, "At least that bacon cookbook won't be around."

They find a place to stay for now, so they are all set

David comments, "Look a single burner, nice kitchenette."

David tells Samantha, " I still have that itch that is itchin."

This time we will buil an Outdoor Kitche."

Samantha is hoping his cooking urges won't last too long

David smiles at Samantha and says," An Outdoor Kitchen, what could possibly go wrong?"




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