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Manson Hanson Dancin'

Caroline wanted to make an original dance

If anyone loved it or not, she was gonna take a chance

She watched some videos of Cal Barittnakoff

As painful as it was, she watched the dance moves  of David Hasllehoff

She put on her shoes she used to tap

Trying to tap to the beat of The Urban Electric Company Rap

Then she watched the video Dancin' On the Ceiling

While listening to a song by Uriah Heap called Stealin'

Caroline watched videos of Ginger Rogers and Fred Astair

She practiced the Moon Walk, she felt like she was floating on air

She realized her moves must include some romancin'

She thought, Eugene is wrong, there is dancin' to Hanson

Digging through her music, she can't find it

She got on itunes, she must buy it

Caroline heard this group and song MMM Bop was a favorite of Charles Manson

She had a light bulb moment, her new dance woukd be Manson Hanson Dancin'

The dance would start out soft and clean

But somewhere it had to get dirty and mean

She wanted to include some Mosh Pit

Now tired, for today, she had to quit

The next night, she went to club to experience Slam dancin'

She had no choice, but to do some chancin'

With a few bruises, she smiles and knows she can create Manson Hanson Dancin

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