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World's Greatest Navy Part

Now I was settling in on the daily routine, it was my turn this morning after being relieved and turnover of the galley to the other watch to clean the berting area.

As I was cleaning the vestibule outside I saw a person from HR(Personnel Office) approaching MM2 Keller, he told him that he was getting out of the Navy today he needs to come and get his discharge paperwork signed so he can go.

His response was, "Let me finish clesning my Fire Station area and I will be coming to see you."

The HR person tells him, "This is no longer your resonsibility, stop what you are doing and come with me."

I thought in my mind, Damn, I wish that was me.

After a year I got tired of being called bird chest and weak,so I decided to start lifting weights, A Nuclear Machinist Mate MM2 Fillipe took me under his wing and trained me how to work out.

He suggested I start out with super sets, best way for a beginner.

Supersets are where you work out on different muscles during one session of working out instead of concentrating on a certain muscle.

So i did it, I spent a lot of my off time in the weight room.

After about 8 months, I could see and feel the results.

One day, one of the guys that picked on me and made fun of me, called me frail approached me and asked me "How is my Sea Bitch doing?"

My response was filled with anger and pent up rage, I grabbed him by his uniform and pushed him up against the wall and replied, "Go and a new Sea Bitch."

After that incident, nobody fucked with me again.

I met a couple of sailors whose dad worked with my dad at Mid Western Paper Comapny, Chuck and dale Davis.

No matter where you go, there is Hierarchy,you have to establish yourself that is the food chain of life.

I had become a weight room regular, I was no bench pressing more than my own weight, doing vertical sit ups, running 9 miles a day three times a week.

Then I ws taking vacation, going back to the great city of Sioux City Iowa.

I had at that time been calling home and talking to a girl named Kristy, my brother Larry arranged this.

We met, I thought everythng was going well then I bought her an engagement ring, soon after I told her this, "My vow to you is true, I would give my life for you, such as I would my country."

Her mom went  to my mom and told her he(referring to me ) has mental problems.

She didn't like me saying this, so she broke up with me, I was so devestated, my first real girlfriend dumped me.

She ended with a local named Scott.

My older brother said," That little whore, if you want I can run her over with my car."

I told him no, get back the ring pawn it and go have a dump party on me.

I was so lonely and back to no self esteem.

A Nuke an Electronics Technician, ET1 Stepp kept encouraging me, somebody will come your way.

Then along comes a fellow cook and asks if I would go on a blind date, I said yes.



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