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My Nguyen Joins A Cult

This Cult is governed by the 4th generation male of David Koresh

He promised My that the next human sacrafice would not be of My's flesh

As My stands on the Cult's Pentegram

This is their pride and joy, autographed by the Son of Sam

My notices all the stuufed Disney animals surrounding the Cult

You know disney, Mr. Walt

It is a matter of Cult pride

So what if David lied

My would be the next sacrifice

My's blood turns cold as ice

My knows there is only one way out of the trap

He begins repeating over and over The Urban Electric Company Rap

David gets so sick of hearing it, he says I've had enough

"We will let you go, but the repercussions will be tough

They make him leave with wearing one shoe

He is forced to ingest a bottle of Elmer's Glue

He is sent out with no food or cash

He is forced to drink sour milk from a dirty glass before he leaves

The cult knows soon he will have the dry heaves

As the Cult releases My, they know not all is a loss

They smile and look at Cult member David Hasslehoff

My never explains what has caused this

The Cult now has My's unstoppable direct deposit

My has a degree in Social Biology

Cults really do suck, ask former members of Scientology

This is not all of My's fault 

Just use discrestion when you join a Cult

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