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A Walk in the Woods

Electro, the squad and I were all walking through the densely covered forest, as it was 

the only way to head back into town from the tallest mountain in Brazil, which we had just 

recently descended. It was strange having Electro with us; we barely knew each other, and we 

had no idea where he was escorting us to. After revealing to us secrets of our existence, the 

secrets of our fighting skills and how our weaponry was crafted, we did trust him a teensy bit 

more. How could he not? He knew what he was talking about. On the other hand, it was still too 

early to tell if he was out for our best interests or his own, or if he was actually trying to lead us 

into a trap. As soon as I considered this possibility, there was a slight rustling in the bushes 

around us. I stopped for a couple seconds, wondering what it may be, then shrugged it off as 

some critters and kept walking. 

We had been trekking for 30 minutes straight, and our calfs felt as heavy as bricks. We 

had stamina, but even it had a breaking point, being met just now. We finally reached a region 

of the woods which the trees encompassed, and where the land was flat, with shrubs and low 

lying plants. This must have been some kind of meadow.  

“When will we catch a break?” I asked the cloudy force. “Heroes can not afford to 

take a break. There will always be villains to face. In fact, the moment we rest on our laurels, 

An opposer of justice could catch us off guard, and strike us down!” Electro warned. “You 

mean resting in Laurelton?” Matthew enquired. This word was an unfamiliar word to my friend 

Matthew, but Vinnie, an expert in almost all proficiency, replied, “Laurels refers to the region of 

your body which is used for sedentary activity.” The rustling got louder and more ominous. 

Then, performing a cumulative assessment of the territory, I spotted red, beady eyes within the 


“IT’S AN AMBUSH!” I hastily interrupted before the Hyper Beasts could fire their 

primary shot. All of us dived into the surrounding bushes, as the laser beams shot towards the 

area where we were gathered and caused a major fulmination. “How were the Hyper-Beasts 

able to determine our location? Was Electro actually a spy as I somewhat suspected? Did he 

send them our location? Oh, right, our phones have GPS…” I wondered to myself. He 

harnessed his energy, generating it within, then he expelled these internal gamma rays at the 

concentration of soldiers which besieged us, dispersing them all into various parts of the 


More Beasts came from our right, now in military formation, with intriguing weapons. 

They had laser blasters, and modernized chain mail armor, whereas the first batch of Hyper- 

Beasts did not have armor. “Remember, attack them in their chest. There’s an element that 

powers them stored within a central motherboard there, and by slicing it they will dematerialize.” 

“Why do they want to defeat us so bad anyway? All we want to do is Defend justice and 

protect the people from becoming devoured by these cruel creatures.” Vinnie wondered. “Don’t 

you get it?” Electro responded. “Every empire will fight to protect itself. No king wants to lose 

his position. He will send his men to fight to keep it, and they, loyal to that one man and the 

kingdom which he runs, will fight loyally until the bitter end. The Finisher will not stop until 

Hyper-Tech Land is not only established in Brazil’s place, but until all the threats to it are 

utterly decimated.” I contributed. 

After about a half an hour of harsh combat, the third wave of troops rolled in. Although 

the 1300s had departed many centuries ago, this battle really felt medieval. Regardless, the 

soldiers were retrofitted with modern-age technology. It seemed like with each wave that 

came, the beasts in the latter wave were stronger and more advanced than those in the former. 

The third wave had pure silver armor, mined from the mines of this forest itself, and they even 

had lava blaster guns and silver swords! This group took us 90 minutes to disengage, according 

to Electro.  

Finally, the last wave of Beasts game, this time clad in golden armor, some wielding 

golden swords and some yellow Electro-Swords. These beasts had the purest intellect and 

the quickest moves out of all the beasts which had been sent at us. The Finisher really wanted 

us gone. It took us three whole hours, but we were able to defeat all of them, (at least the ones 

that refused to retreat), as we sliced them in their chest which caused them to poof into thin air, 

and their energy would be absorbed into the elements as was the nature with all hybrid 

mutations in a dense atmosphere. 

“That was quite disturbing, how The Finisher was so easily able to track us down. To 

him, this must be one gigantic chess game, and we are just pawns who could be eliminated at 

any moment. I’ve never felt so victorious yet powerless simultaneously...” At that moment, a 

Hyper-Beast, the chief of the army, as denoted by the stripes on the inlays of his cape, tried to 

escape the region. Matthew chased after him, and the cruel cretin fell into my friends valiant 

clutches, as he was clutched by his cape. “Had he gotten away, he could’ve further jeopardized 

our location and our chance to learn information about The Finisher’s motives. Put the cuff 

apparatus on him.” Vinnie put the handcuffs on the chief and confiscated his sword to study it. 

“It’s time to get a move on before it gets dark.” Electro warned. We had lost track of 

time; it was already 8:50 PM, and the sun was getting ready to vanish. With that, we did a 

headcount, grabbed our stuff and resumed our stride, now with the imprisoned chief, as we lead 

him to our secret base in the city.


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