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World's Greatest Navy Part 4

Now I have crossed the bridge and have graduated from bootcamp.

Now I have a six week cooking school to graduate from, shortly into the school, I was bullied and singled out by one guy.

He told me, "I will beat you like a slave."

I asked him, "Why are you targeting me?"

He replied I don't like white people, you are the white boy, I choose to not like."

This guy was about 6ft 1.

As I looked at him, I was removing my apron and I said, "Let;s settle this in the storeroom, I had my ass kicked by better people than you."

But I was so angray and he moved so slow, I was planning beating him senseless, regardless of his size or mine."

One of the Instructors got wind of this and came into the storeroom.

He asked, " What the hell is going on?"

I said "  I am tired of him picking on me and I want to settle, I want to beat his ass."

The Instructor told the other cook, "If I catch you approaching him in any way, I will write you up, understood?"

He knodded his head and walked away.

During the first academic test, he failed it and was dropped from the class, as he was escorted out of the class, I thought to myself, "Good luck idiot."

There were females in the class, one the male cooks told me to ask one of the females out on a date.

My self esteem was below low, I told him, "She's too good for me, in fact as I look around, I am not good enough for any of these girls."

I had no girlfriends in High School a very lonely life, one of the girls I had a crush on, never acknowledged my existence another one I grew up with, I adored her and her mom ws trying to get us together.

The girl's response was," I only date guys with long hair."

There was one other thing that was worth mentioning, there was a beer vending machine at the base launrdy mat.

75 cents a beer, I never did laundry before, but I learned the hard way to seperate whites and darks after 

my underwaear and tee shirts turned bliue, I wasn't too worried about the underwear, but had to replace the tee shirts.

Well that's about it, I passed cooking school and was on my way to the USS California CGN 36 out of Alameda, California.

But first I had two weeks vacation coming and was on my to Sioux City, Iowa.

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