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A Girl Named Horse Puckey

Her parents had to find her a safe place

It was cold outside, to keep her warm, they covered her with horse manure, even her face

Her parents left her outside a reservation

The only Wakatoo tribe in the nation

The Chief's wife found her and took her home

She told her husband she was left all alone

Even with the smell, they felt lucky

The Chief said her name shall be Horse Puckey

As horse grew, she always wondered why

Her father said I could have named you Outhouse, Cow Pie or Pig's Sty

Al of the tribe members called her Hockey Puck

With this nickname she was stuck

Soon she was to marry and take her husband's name

His full name is Fire Mane

Now her and her husband are employed at Stuckeys

And she is no longer called Horse Puckey



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