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Fast Mobile Notary

There was a time when I would not have known how important it is to get things in writing. I used to think that two people verbally agreeing on something was enough to ensure that it would get done. I learned the hard way that if things are not backed up with a written statement that you can show to a judge, it's almost as though it never happened. 

Ever since my next door neighbor and I got into a heated conversation about building a fence, and having trees removed from his yard, I have learned to never take matters into your own hands and go the civil route, its always best to go the old traditional method and have things upheld in court. When I tried to take my case to court for review, I didn't have much of a case at all. I didn't have any documentation to support my claim that my neighbor agreed to pay for the construction of a wall, and that I would be responsible to pay for the cost of removing a tree on our property.

I removed the tree and paid over $2000 for the removal. He never erected the wall, and instead, tried to charge me for the landscaping costs to replace the grass on his yard. If I had some sort of documentation, it would have helped, but then someone reminded me that I could print out emails and text conversations, have them signed and notarized by a notary public in Pasadena, and take those documents to court. And when I called Anthony at Fast Mobile Notary, he helped legalize my documents, and even offered to drop them off for processing with my attorney. I saved a lot of money having his company notarize the files and was able to win my case when it was proven that my sneaky neighbor never had any intention of paying for the wall, it was all a trick to get me to remove a 30 year oak tree that was blocking his view of the city and leaving leaves in his lawn during certain seasons. 

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