Another Promise To You | By: Gary Hill | | Category: Short Story - Rock Bookmark and Share

Another Promise To You

Broken in spirit
left so empty
guilty suffer these
consequences trapped
in amongst these fences
denying my freedom
picking at parts of me
nothing can destroy me now

all the things i dreamed
hurt and haunt me, desperate
to control my own life
so much harder without
another soul to carry you
through, i have so much now
to prove another day another
promise to you

i remember the last thing i
said to you i can see your
image before my eyes, ignoring
the fact open to attack, piercing
the heart, crushing all my needs
overfilling with greed

i know i hurt you but my promise
is to you and forever i will see
the honesty, i just want to help
you forgetting all of this sorrow
ill be here tomorrow and every day
until we die...
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