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Dead Now

Iím just a single person living as part of this
All, to catch and collect my life in a second
Displays my whole truth the proof that Iím
Insane doesnít matter anymore the words
That I speak become what I mean and Iím
Just wanting to die

So fades this story redemption the
Glory, throw this all away
So comes the pity drowned in this
City so dark I canít find my way

Iím doing what I must on-one
I can trust left in disgust for
Better or worse Iím sure that
I will just burst and lose everything
To start again

Dead now, itís over
Dead now, starting what I never finished
Dead now just lay me to rest
Dead now never did I know best
Itís in my head the thoughts I regret
Iím dead now what can I expectÖ..
Dead Now!

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