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I am like the devil. Ill whisper in your ear all the things you want to hear. I will Make you smile laugh be filled with joy. Honestly. I'm just playing you for a fool.
I will tell you I love you and make you believe anything I say. Reality I'm just playing with your heart.
Tell you all the wonderful things that we could do or that we could even be. Let me tell you. I'm very good with my words.
From having kids to being a happy couple to getting married to the most beautiful place your heart desires. True love. Happiness. Good health. Happy ending. New memories. The list goes on and on.
What you don't know... Is I do this to help myself. Not to help you. To help the pain I feel inside. To hurt someone else. That way they see and feel the pain. Tho no one knows what's going on. So I could sit back and watch. Give them advice. Knowing I have no idea what I'm really saying. Because I can't even help myself.
I am like the devil. Doing whatever I can to hurt you. Without you ever realizing what's going on. You believing I am there for you.  Make sure that you are the one and only. That the sky shines only on you. Even if its for a brief moment. I can make you and anyone feel. Like the only one.
Told you. I am like the devil. I can make anything seem real.
Hell.. For all you know. I might be the devil hidden in a beautiful shell.
What most people fail to do is listen, observe, study, pay attention, watch, actions. There's so many ways to learn about a person. You fail at that. That's your own fault. The devil is there to be misleading to misguide to play with you.
Until the devil gets what he wants. He will always be that sore you can never seem to heal.
Huh... I am the devil in a hidden shell. Who knew.

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