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Beginning Ends

You were what my dreams may have come. You were the one I would of walked through hell to find. You were the one i wiped away all your tears, pain, sorrow, and suffering.
You were the one we gave love, happiness, joy, a place of peace, a family, and a home. You stomped on that as if it never meant nothing to you.
Now. You would no longer be in hell. You would have now fallen deep into the Abyss. Bottomless hole that is a reoccurring nightmare you'll never find your way out of. All though I have tried. I have put my hand into the hole knowing there's a chance of me falling in with you. You never grabbed it. You only touched the tips of my fingers and pulled away. You remain there on your own free will.
You have become something no one knows. You are no longer the person you used to be. Yes you are a man. You are a man with no purpose in life. You are a hollow empty shell. Looking at you, into your eyes. See nothing but darkness. Once a person I would of done absolutely anything for. I would still. But only now there is a limit to what I'll do for you.
Such a beautiful dream turns into a nightmare.

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