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Will You Love Me Tomorrow

                                        The Train Journey(Part One)


Sherry was looking for her mate Carrie's house. She was lost. Then she saw a boy walking towards her. She stopped to asked him the way.

She had met Carrie on her first day at her new school - one she didn't want to attend. She had her dad to thank for that.



'Why have we got to move?' Sherry had asked him.


'Because I've got a new job,' her father answered with a look of superiority - a look he usually adopted when he thought he was right. He was never right as far as Sherry was concerned.



After the boy, had told her the way she carried on until she came to a large house, facing the river. Wow, Sherry would love to live in a place like this; It was huge. There was even a swimming pool attached to it; and it wasn't an outdoor pool either.



Returning to the real world, Sherry began opening the gate. Then she saw Carrie making her way out of the front entrance.

'Sorry I'm late, I got a bit lost.' she said as Carrie, once she had got closer .



'How can you get lost? I told you to follow the river.'



Once inside Sherry was introduced to Carrie's mum and her brother. Carrie's dad was working late.  He had an office in town. He was a lawyer. No wonder they could afford to live in a such a beautiful house.



Once the introductions were over the two girls then went upstairs to Carrie's bedroom, to listen to some music. They also talked about what went on at school that day. Sherry also mentioned what sort of music she liked, which came as a surprise to Carrie. Sherry mentioned artists like, Carol King, the Eagles, Jackson Brown, and other West Coast bands. She also told Carrie her favourite song - 'Will You Love Me Tomorrow.' Carrie looked at her amazed. Why couldn't she like the modern stuff like others her age. One thing about Sherry, she wanted to be different, plus she was influenced by her mum when it came to music.



Before leaving to make her way home, Sherry was given a tour of the house. She couldn't take it all in - the size of it - six bedrooms, three of them were en suite. Wait till she got home and told her mum. And what a kitchen! They even had their own mooring on the river with a boat floating on it - a small cabin cruiser. It was ideal for sailing up and down the river. Sherry could just imagine herself laying on the deck, sunning herself while it cruised lazily along.




When the tour of the house had finished, Sherry made her way to the bus stop. She'd be just in time for the nine-fifteen, which would pass by where she lived. Then waiting for her would be her be her dad, saving her a long walk through an estate shrouded in darkness.



'Had a nice evening, love?' Her mum asked as soon as she got in.

Sherry couldn't contain herself. She told her mum everything.  Sherry's mum just stood there, wondering if her daughter was making it up.

  Next morning as Sherry was nearing her way to school, she noticed Carrie getting off the bus.



'You, all right? Carrie asked as Sherry approached.

'Im fine. We've got English today. I've heard the teacher is off sick. We can have a laugh. What do you reckon?


'Im too busy to have a laugh. I've got serious studying to do. I'm hoping to make Oxford.''


" You are winding me up?'



'NO, it's expected of me. My dad went there and my mum went to Bristol.'



'So, how did they meet?'



'In the holidays while doing a summer job. How should I know anyway? I wasn't born then.'



Both girls then made their way through the school gates. 

When it was time for English, the two arrived at the classroom. After taking their seats, they got their books ready. Then Sherry turned and said:


'I'm thinking of leaving home. Fancy coming with us?'



Carrie went along with what she was saying at first, then realised she was serious. This conversation went on for days. She was going to Blackpool. Then, one day, Sherry phoned Carrie from the railway station, saying she was about to leave on the next available train. 



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