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dragon heart magc adventures

Adventure Begins

This is a world of magic, people use magic in their everyday households, but there are those who use magic to take over the world. I am D.Kris  I fight against these dark wizards and restore justice. I hear a girl scream and then I rushed to her help. I flew like a jet using my wind magic and saw few dark wizards kidnapping a girl then I landed there and said ‘you may better release the girl unless you want your bones broken’. Then one of started attacking me he pointed his fingers towards me which turned into huge snakes and spit poison on me, I quickly dogged it and within a flash I got under his arm and gave him a flaming fist with that he burst into flames and he fell to the ground ‘that’s why you should have listened to me earlier. Then  the remaining dark wizards removed their cloaks and each of them turned into monsters one of them turned into a giant lizard and sent a shockwave through the ground with that the ground became swampy and I was stuck and was unable to move my foot then the other two turned into flaming salamanders and threw many dark flaming daggers on to me then I used a high classed move a magic circle appeared I said ‘cryogenic blizzard’ and then I blew freezing cold snow storm with which the daggers disappeared  the dark  wizards were frozen. Then she said’ thank you for rescuing me’ right about when she was about to reward me with a kiss I heard my friends voice calling to it said ‘wake up we have a lot of work to do’.

Then when I woke up I saw my friends angry face, she was yelling at me ‘if you don’t work I will keep all the money to myself’ I realized that I had fallen asleep at work again I came to my senses then I said ‘sorry for sleeping Lille ‘then she said ‘if the harvest is delayed the farmer will reduce the wager, and what the hell were you dreaming about saving the world again’ I didn’t reply to that one and we started working again. Lilly was a cute girl who always had anger at the tip of her of nose but yet she was sweet. Both she and I never saw our parents ever since we were 6 ‘ever since the war the war of blood night. Our parents and lots of other mages [magic people] disappeared that day. So we work every day at the farm to stash up enough to join one of the magic guilds where they fight against the dark wizards and teach others how to use stronger magic.

It was a normal at work until the farm was attacked by one of the dark wizard guilds, the farmer and the other workers bought their weapons with a spell and their weapons were dropped into their hands from a magic circle in the air, one of the dark wizards set fire to our nearby farm with his attack then one of the workers sent an electric wave through the air with his axe , the dark wizard blocked it with his bare hands and the he shot something like a bullet from his fingers and the worker fell to the ground with a single shot , he wasn’t dead but was almost killed the attack just missed his heart but he was severely injured. The farm was a little far off from the city so we had to wait until help from one of guilds have arrived. We wanted to help protect the farm but we didn’t knew any high classed magic to fight nor did we have any weapons all I was able to use was create some flame balls and send small shockwaves through the air which could barely knock them off the ground and Lille was particularly good with illusion magic and she could create low leveled storm clouds. One after another they were being defeated by the dark wizard while we put out the fire near the neighboring farm with her magic and then the farmer said something to us which motivated us a lot, he said ‘its not about how strong magic you use the magic is strengthened by the willpower of the user, you may be a bit young to fight that doesn’t mean your magic is weak’. With that said he left off to fight right then we had plan to defend the farm till the mages have arrived. The plan was simple Lillie would distract the wizard with her illusion magic while I would attack and she would keep me covered. We saw that only one of the wizards was attacking while the remaining watched the show they were pretty strong and high classed ones but we weren’t going to sit back anymore and we rushed to fight. Lille showed him an illusion while I told the others to evacuate those who were injured she showed him that he was surrounded by the mages and then I took cove in the illusion got behind the back of the wizard and shot fire balls from my hand, my attack was right on the mark but he was barely hurt but he fell to the ground and all the other wizards laughed at him for falling at such a cheap trick. He was really pissed off and he created a magic circle which was big enough to cover the entire farm the rest of the workers had already evacuated the farm but were caught in the range of circle too, dark creepers came out of that circle and grabbed everyone including us it was absorbing all the power we had it was a class 3 dark draining spell. The wizard said’ ill drain out every ounce of your energy and kill you all , you think you all could stop a high classed wizard like me with your party tricks’ he went towards Lille and said ‘you were the one using the illusion magic weren’t you ill make sure you suffer more’ with that he created a magic circle in front of her and was going to use an attack to wipe her out, his allies were saying he was taking the game too far but he wasn’t listening   he was filled with rage and anger he was about to attack when I used my magic to strike him from the back again and he fell to the ground again he was really mad now he yelled ‘ because of your foolishness this girl is about to die boy , I might had left her alive if you weren’t involved he gave me a really hard punch to my face and went to attack her again I was barely conscious now but I could hear her scream due to his wines they were growing thither around her and she was getting squeezed into pulp he then said ‘ now die’ and was about kill her I burst into a flaming self a big magic circle was created below which was bigger than his and all the wines were burnt to ash nobody was conscious there neither was I. I said ‘LEAVE MY FRIENDS ALONE’ he tried to attack me but all his attacks were burnt to ash by the flames surrounding me then I used a very high class 2 magic I said ‘burning hell’ with that I shot myself towards him and gave continuous punches and kicks with which he caught fire ‘ I wasn’t giving him a moment to breathe as a final shot I hit him below his jaw and he was sent flying then I quickly surfaced above him and gave him a big blow with which a huge explosion was created in mid air and he smashed to the ground , right after that I too fell but Lille was conscious again and she caught me by creating soft clouds. The remaining wizards were dumbstruck seeing what happened but before they could make any further move the mages from the guilds had arrived and they fled leaving their comrade behind and he was arrested.

When I woke up I found myself in the healers cottage and Lille was asleep in a chair beside my bed, she was really beautiful when she was asleep because she wouldn’t yell at him like this I went closer to take a better look when she suddenly woke up scaring the hell out of me I fell from the bed and noticed that my wounds still hurt. I stood up and said ‘that wasn’t a dream right’ she said ‘no it wasn’t u idiot but you were amazing you just knocked the hell out of a high classed wizard’ I really couldn’t remember what had happened but I was very shocked that she was praising me for the first time. Then even though I actually didn’t remember what had happened I got carried away and said ‘it was nothing , I was always capable of it, now worship your hero’ with that her face turned from cute to really scary she got on to the bed and was taking me into a submission then suddenly the door opened and the scene was really awkward with her on top of me and I was apologizing to her then she got off me and I too got down the bed and we were yelling ‘its not what you think’ then we realized the visitor was none other the master of  the DRAGONHEART guild one of the topmost guilds and was also the first to get into a lot of trouble for being late at many occasions  but hell it was a very strong  group of mages. He said ‘if I wasn’t interrupting your moments,  would you both care to join the guild’ then both our faces were red as a cherry and we screamed ‘we weren’t having a moment’  but we also said we would be glad to join the guild but we didn’t have enough money for entry then he said ‘I surely can make a exception this once but you would arrange your own stay at the city , as for the healing charges I have paid them looking forward to see both at the guild hall’. With that he said us to visit the hall tomorrow morning sharp at 5:00 am and continue as junior mages. After he left we screamed very loud we both were very happy it was a dream come true for us and we partied the entire day.


We spent entire night at the cottage we were very exhausted and we slept like babies. When we woke up the time was 6:00 am, we got up from the bed and rushed for the guild hall, we ran through the streets like storm and then we finally arrived, but there was no body except one lady at the counter. We then asked her ‘are we too late’ then to our surprise she said that ‘everybody will come after 8:00 am or even late, you must be the ones to join as junior mages that aster told about, looks like the old man put you in a rush. He will arrive shortly till then you both can wait at the hall if you like and come back after a while.’ We were very disappointed hearing this we came here in pajamas  without even changing thinking we were late but we came too early so we decided to look for a change of clothes and a place to stay till everybody arrived and left the hall.

There was a mage not too older than us standing outside the hall he saw us and said ‘looks like you newbie were kicked out the first day’ I said ‘we were just early’ then I noticed a tattoo on his shoulder ‘so you are from a guild’ he said ‘yes I am from the ripslinger guild, we are the popular guild even more popular than dragon tooth’ since we were new to the town we didn’t have any idea of other guilds we knew dragonheart because people at the farm and the town people always talk about it. I said ‘sorry but we never heard of it and dragon tooth is more popular, see even the passer buys are talking about it [passer buy citizen: looks like the dragontooth’s are late again] he was dumbstruck by the comment and said ‘said they were not complementing’ just the a man came running and crashed on to Lille he didn’t even look back and ran away. ‘What’s with him, jerk he didn’t even apologies for bumping into me like that ‘then another man came by he looked pretty exhausted probably he was chasing after the one before. He said ‘somebody catch that thief he stole a relic from the museum, he is a wanted man’. On hearing this Lille asked ‘does he have any bounty or price on him’ the man said ‘the museum has offered a sum of 50lakh krunts to whosoever catches him’ on hearing this she grabbed me by the collar and spoke into my ear ‘with that much amount we could easily afford a house and buy some new clothes too, and we can buy a lot of chocolates for you as well’.

Then we rushed off to catch him the other boy shouted ‘we didn’t finish talking yet’ but it was a deaf hear we followed the path he ran away from. We had been running for quite a while now but there was no sign of him I sat down from exhaustion the she said ‘stop goofing off already and look for him Kris, we need that money’ it was easy for her to say because she was riding a cloud which she created with her magic, but where as non of my skills could give me sustained light even if it did the surroundings would be destroyed by either my fire or wind and with that amount of force I would probably crash into somebody’s house. I asked ‘why don’t you make cloud for me too?’ she said ‘I can’t use all of my magic to track him down, if he is wizard or a mage I would require my power to fight him, besides u should be able to catch him on your own mister hero’ then we saw someone running on the roof tops it was the same guy who bumped into Lille shed followed him on the cloud but I had to take the street since I couldn’t fly she then cast her spell and bolts of lightning shot from her cloud but he was quick to evade them all then he turned around and whipped up a sand storm then she got off the cloud and said ‘AQUA METREON’ the she shot a stream of water into the sky and it was like a downpour of water the sand storm subsided and everything around was drenched  including me then she again used her lighting spell this time he couldn’t evade it since he was all soaking wet. I managed to get to the roof top but I was zapped too I shouted ‘watch your aim’ the thief was down for the time being but it wasn’t over yet he then summoned a sword, the sword was made out of sand it absorbed al the water around us the he started attacking Lille she was quick on her feet but she didn’t had any time to strike then I used my magic and shot numerous balls of fire from behind , he was hit by most of them and some of them hit Lille too, she yelled ‘you did that on purpose didn’t you’ he was still not down. He then create a two magic circles in his palm and giant hands made out of sand grabbed us and he pinned us both against a wall Lille said ‘ I need you to destroy that water tank above him, then I can take him down’ I asked ‘how am I supposed to do that’ we were being buried in the sand and then an idea came to my mind then I used my wind magic against the wall and shot off like a rocket and crashed into the water tank and it burst out and the water flowed out like a wave  Lille was freed from the sand she said ‘CRYOGENIC PRSION’ then a magic circle appeared in her palm and she put the palm on the rooftop then it all froze instantly along with the thief. He became sealed in a block of ice and the entire roof top was frozen, well I managed to avoid freezing this time with my fire. I was surprised and screamed ‘when did u learn to use magic circles like that and that too ice type magic, that’s too cool’ she said ‘when you passed out after the fight at the farm I found a book at the cottage and the old man there was kind enough to lend it to me he taught me how to use the spell in addition to tending to our injuries’ I was still very much surprised.

At the end we handed him to the guards at the museum and saw the relic he stole after I thawed him out of the ice it was an amulet, the head of museum said that it is a very essential component of the though he didn’t tell us its purpose. The thief was found out to be a dark wizard. While he was being taken away he shouted ‘the dark bosses will prevail again’ though we didn’t understand what it meant. Then went to collect our reward as promised we were rewarded but 15lakh kurnts were spent on the repairs to the damage to the roof top we caused.

Then it was quite late in the afternoon we went to buy some clothes bought and new house and I was relaxing out on the crouch while Lille was enjoying a warm bath then we had lunch in a hotel it was evening and we were walking across the city then we came across the boy from the ripslinger guild he said ‘how was your first day at guild, and congratulations on catching the thief’ on hearing this both our faces turned pale we had completely forgotten about joining the guild we instantly rushed just like before knocking the boy from the ripslingers then when we arrived at the door we were pushing each other to go in first then the door suddenly opened, to our surprise every one shouted ‘WELCOME TO DRAGONHEART’  we were warmly welcomed inside and the mark of the guild was put on our wrists and everyone started celebrating for the arrival of the new mages the lady at the counter called to us and said ‘we heard how you two young mages caught that dark wizard and it was primarily our fault to open the guild hall that late, the master has gone out on a meeting he’ll be back tomorrow, anyways welcome to guild once again, take the drinks they are all free today don’t fell shy’ with that our happiness had no bounds we introduced ourselves and again partied the entire night we were so tired that we decided to spend the night at the guild. Most of members fell asleep right where they were.

Everyone fell asleep I woke up and saw Lille was awake too we went to the first floor balcony of the hall and I whispered ‘we are finally in a guild as mages’ ‘junior mages’ she said she also added ‘back at the farm when did you learn to use such a high classed spell, the magic circle was also very big and powerful it was even visible to the city’ I said ‘ I have no idea and I don’t even know what I did, the last thing I remembered was I wanted to save you and others at the farm. Well now that we have joined the guild I will try to get stronger and bring back both our parents and other prisoners from the blood night’. She said ‘ill help you all the way there, our adventure is just beginning’  with that we both went back to the hall and fell asleep knowing that the real adventures are just ahead



                                                                                                                                     To be continued…………..

                                                                                                                                     Next part: the blood night






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