THE NEW CONKER 1955 | By: Terry Collett | | Category: Short Story - Children Bookmark and Share


Helen showed me
the conker
she had found
brown with a black area
at one end
she held it
in her small
pink hand.

I picked it up
weighed it
in my hand.

It was a good one
I told her.

She said
she found it
along St George's Road
on the way home
from school
the day before.

It was amongst
others Benny
she said
but it seemed
the best one.

We walked through
the Square
to get
my mother's shopping
the conker
in my pocket.

Helen said her
upstairs neighbour
Mrs Knight
had a new cat
a kitten all black
when Mrs Knight
showed her
the room behind her
smelt of cats
and old dinners.

I bought the items
on the shopping list
my mother had given me
with the coins
wrapped up in it.

I put the stuff
in the shopping bag
we went back
to my parents' flat.

I put the conker
with others I had
in my room.

We went out again
although the sky
looked like rain.

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