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FAY'S DAY 1960

I saw Benny
on the bus
and we walked home
to the flats.

On the stairs
between his flat
and mine
we kissed
it was a simple kiss
just lips on lips.

Then we parted
and I went upstairs
and he went along
to his parents' flat
and I went to mine.

My mother
was in the kitchen
preparing dinner.

My young brothers
were in the other room
playing with toys.

How was your
day at school?
Mum said.

It was all right
I said
Sister Bridget talked
about the Mass.

Mother nodded
and carried on
rolling out pastry.

When your father
gets home
I expect he will
want to know
what you have learnt
about the Mass
Mum said
I hope you remember
what you were taught.

I have
I said.

I went to my bedroom
and got out
of my school uniform.

The boys were playing
with their toys
in the front room.

I folded
my uniform
on a chair
and put on
a dress and cardigan
and sat on my bed
going over
in my mind
about the Mass.

Across the way
from the window
I saw a steam train
go over the bridge
smoke puffing out
into the sky.

I could still feel
the kiss on my lips.

I would have
kissed again
but felt shy.

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