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Together Alone

ignite tonight
embrace the falling tide
hear the voices which
have been calling you
away from me, the condition
of my victory is weary and
neglected one more deed
to exceed the worst becomes

remember me in the imperfect way
every word is reaching out
take a hold entrust the bold
agree never to fold and
make it out on your own (deserting
the love escaping the torment)

forgive the understanding
the simple and ever demanding
needs are torn apart by greed
forcing truth to deny a constant
memory of your unimaginable lies
succeed to hide behind the ties,
the bonds broken of you and me
never again will we indulge in

it hurts so much the faintest
rememberance the slightest
touch, my insecurity so low
i just have to let this go,
uncertainty which causes
more pain i cannot see
you ever again (i watch our
love die beleiving it not to
be true, wasting moments fadeing
to black i cant take anything

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