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The Aftertaste

My eyes slowly began to foucs, i was dazed felt like a drug was passing through my system making its was through my blooodstream, turing my insides to death poisoning every inch of my body, a sick sensation urged its way up from my stomach i held back the lump in my throat for as long as i could but eventually i gave in and vomited up a white liquid the taste rotten in my now infectious mouth, i choked upon the impact of the pressure which flowed from my neck upwards. I tried but couldn't swallow the tightened and sour mix of wanting to clear away the severe discomfort i was enduring, i felt worse the pain in my stomach intensified i feel forwards and a strange blur occured behind my eyes now the focus which was settled had become disoriented again, i coughed heavy forcing myslef into a panic as i gasped for air tightly my lungs swelled inside,i breathed in heavily regaining some air as soon as the moment where i felt the control again i statred to breathe easier i lay still for a while taking advantage of the calm feeling overwhelmed in my lungs.

The next few minutes my mind raced at a fast rate wisihng i'd not drank those extra drink wishing i hadn't mixed and matched myslef with a self inflicted torment, just another just one more shot as messing with myself screwing with my body, the sense now of my own stupidity as clear as the sick which lay an inch from my head, a cold feeling shot up from my feet stabbing at every part of me, causing a sudden shudder in various parts of my anatomy, a cold wrapped around my whole body a discomfort of freezing, shaking holding myself tightly as i shivered on the floor, waking up on a cold bench, not the accomidation i had hoped for, lying on hard wood which crushed hard into my bones a feeling of unease forcing myslef to my sit upright again, this time a dizzy circle grew around my head a welcome of more pain and agony a strong urge suffocating in the back of my skull.

This punishment as i felt it didn't casue doubt in my mind only the will to overcome this as soon as possible, would i be in this state again or worse at least this time i woke up alive next time who knows...
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