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Peanut Butter and Jelly



Rebecca Ferguson

The dreary, rainy morning matched Peanut Butter’s mood. He didn’t feel like purring. Over the weekend, his toy playmate Jelly had disappeared. Since then Peanut Butter laid by the window hoping Jelly would soon return. Peanut Butter rose and walked to Mrs. Wilson’s side.
After stretching, he licked his brown and white paws and curled up for a nap.

But, the howling wind and roaring thunder made it hard for him to rest. He thought about how scared and lonely Jelly must be.
Quickly, Peanut Butter dashed off the sofa and prowled down the hall. Wonder where I’d go if I where a mouse? If he pictured himself as a mouse maybe it would give him a clue. He closed his green eyes and wiggled his nose. With his tail curled over his back, Peanut Butter headed into the bedroom. Maybe Jelly was napping. Peanut Butter tiptoed across the blue carpet. He peeked under the bed and inside the closet. Jelly wasn’t anywhere. Peanut Butter snuck into the bathroom. He leaped upon the bathtub. Jelly wasn’t taking a bath. Where else could Jelly be? Peanut Butter was sure he had the answer this time. He crept into the kitchen. He looked behind his bowl, finding only a few crumbs of cat food.
The damp morning had turned into a gloomy afternoon, but Peanut Butter wasn’t about to give up. He roamed toward the library. As he peeked between bookcases he heard
Mrs. Wilson’s call.
“Oh dear!”
Peanut Butter ran into the sewing room. “Meow,” Peanut Butter cried.
“Peanut Butter, I’ve lost my crochet needles!” “I need them so I can finish my afghan.”
He rubbed against Mrs. Wilson’s legs. I’ll solve this mystery
Peanut Butter understood how Mrs. Wilson felt. She loves her crochet as much as I love Jelly. While Mrs. Wilson searched her sewing box, Peanut Butter remembered a room he forgot to check..
He scampered to the den. As he entered, a catnip odor came from behind the couch. Why that smells just like Jelly! Peanut Butter crawled under the table. He snuck around the couch. Staring back was Jelly, and right next to him was Mrs. Wilson’s crochet hooks.
“Meow, Meow,” Peanut Butter cried.
“Goodness, Peanut Butter! What is it?” Mrs. Wilson asked. She smiled when she noticed Jelly and her crochet hooks. Peanut Butter purred when she picked him up.
“Oh, Peanut Butter!” Mrs. Wilson said, giving him a hug. “What would I do with out you?”
Correction, what would I do without you?
That evening, Peanut Butter lay beside his two best friends. One tucked under his paw, and one crocheting happily. This time Peanut Butter was purring.

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