creating evil | By: Gary Hill | | Category: Short Story - Rock Bookmark and Share

creating evil

crushed denied infatuated by the lies
surprised that life feels so empty
burying the dream and the hateful
times, let it slip unwind and
calculate how long you have
left until your inevitable death

finding the failure you have
no saviour to pull you free
from this insanity, do you
even recognise right from
wrong something this strong
falls apart in your hands

slowly you said you'd
always forget the most
important ones closest to
you, need to seperate the
evil you create to save
your soul is it too
late to instigate how far
you'll go

i see the diease that infects
your mind uncontrolable
unforgetable and all the panic
erupts so blind collapsing alone
to ever search and find a more
simplistic mind my creation is
your deceptive ways to bend
the truth in your own progress
accumilating the stress to
destroy overall whats best

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