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The Dream of Life

The Dream of Life
By Ridtar Clayfin, Man from Earth

I decided long ago that I wanted to be a great philosopher. I've studied the works of Socrates, Aristotle, and George Carlin, and I feel that I have the ability to do what those great men did, and more. I have the power and thoughts, and I wish to share them with others. Keep this in mind as I tell you this story from my own life.
It was a dreary, damp night. All the children were shut up tightly in their rooms, snuggled up for the night. I was tossing and turning in my own bed, and finally, after a few hours, drifted off to sleep. That's when the dream started. I saw five men, high on horseback. They were riding at a steady pace, with black, dark faces. There were two young maidens, carrying a pail of water between themselves, whistling. The sun shone bright on them and dark on the riders. I knew what was going to happen next, and I screamed, "Watch out, young girls! The mean men are after you!"
They had not seen the five men on horseback, but when I exclaimed this, they immediately began running, dropping the pail of water. The five men started quickly into a gallop, chasing after the maidens.
"Oh please! Save them!" I screamed. "Oh God, please, have mercy upon them. They've done nothing!" One horseman had galloped faster than the others, and was already upong the slower of the young girls. He pulled out a very long steel blade, and, with a quick cut, severed her head. Oh God, the blood was all over the horse and the girl's dress. Her head rolled next to my foot and stared up at me with glazed eyes.
"Oh God, no. Don't let them get the other one. Run, girl! Oh God," I exclaimed. "Just take me instead ... I'd gladly sacrifice my own life for that young girl's." Just as I said those words, the five men turned their horses, and a large, black cloud grew behind them. The young girl stepped and turned, looking on in horrid fascination. They started towards me, each now with their blades out, and very sharp. I screamed for my life.
Lightning was growing in the clouds. Two trees in the distance were hit, and fell with loud thuds. I couldn't run. I was paralyzed, and the men were gaining on me. I felt three hard stabs - two in the stomach, one in the back. Then I felt two more on my left shoulder. These hurt so bad, but in such a surreal environment as this forest, I didn't fall - I just stood. I looked down at my feet. I was standing in a pool of my own blood. The horsemen continued riding into the distance, and disappeared from sight. The young girl ran over to me, to see if I was alright.
"Get away, now!" I yelled. "Go away. You can't stay by me!" But she didn't listen. She hugged me, getting blood all over herself. A huge beam of light struck down quickly, and I heard a loud, firy sound. I turned, and noticed a very large tree aflame, falling towards us.
"Quick, get out of the way!" I yelled, and I quickly jumped out of the way. The young girl did not move, however. I saw her looking at me with longing eyes as the large tree crashed down on her. I stared on with horrid fixation, and felt the last limb of my life. I cried as I fell into a black, deep slumber.
I didn't awake until long after the morning hit, but I remembered the dream as though it had just happened. I quickly deciphered this dream I had as the meaning of life. The forest being the hapless environment, different for all who see it, and the young girls as life's precious beauties that must be kept safe. The men on horseback symbolize those tribulations in life, and when they take someone else, it's best to keep to yourself: perhaps it was deserved. When I screamed out, and took it upon myself, the tribulations came upon me, and I ended up dying from it. It didn't keep the beauty preserved, as the young maiden still cared to take mine upon her.
I knew I must tell this message to everyone. I quickly rose from bed, and ran to my children's room. Little Betty was asleep still, and I awoke her. "Quick," I said. "We must leave." Then a tree fell on her and some men on horseback killed me. Deja vu, I tell you. My other kids rushed in and turned into trees and fell on me, and then the house exploded and the Earth stopped rotating and everyone died. A race of super alien robots took over the world forever.
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