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The Author

Rachel had never felt love before. She was into lust
and couldn't help but let boys do what they want to her.
She was an author for a living and made an acceptable amount
of money. Sometimes her sex-capades ended up in her latest
romantic novels. The latest one went like this:

As he unbuttoned my satin shirt, I watched his eyes look
up and down my body. I looked towards his package, noticing a
large bulge in his pants and I smiled. I felt myself getting
hot and bothered while watching him stare at my lacy red bra. I
felt the need to touch myself but with him here I didn't need
to. Slowly, he took my bra off making sure he gave my breasts
plenty of attention. First he licked the nipples, then caressed
them. Then he played around with them. I took off his shirt and ran
hands down his body and giving his package a little squeeze. His
eyes bulged out of his head when I did that. I knew he liked it so
I did it again. Then I slid down my thong and grabbed his hands,
placing them on my vagina. Speading open my legs, he slid his finger
into me and moved it in and out. Then he stopped to rub my clitoris.
I smiled with pleasure and started to unzip his jeans. Taking off
his boxers, he quickly slid his penis into me- without a condom.
Going in and out of me at light speed, he made waves of pleasure
go through my body. Then I let out a large moan and nearly fainted.
We fell asleep for a short time before going at it again.

Her latest sex-capade had made her lust for this man even more, but
she realized she loved him too. He came over the next night, just
for oral sex though. As she lay on her couch, his head went up her
skirt and removed her thong with his teeth. Then she felt a wet
sensation inside of her. She blurted out:
I'm pregnant!
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