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A Visit


Hi, my name is Samantha, Samantha Taylor that is. Most of my friends call me Sam because I hated being called Samantha. I have younger twin brothers that are 7. Their names are Edward and Anthony. Anthony’s goal in life is to annoy me and Eddie’s goal is to be the smartest 7-year-old in the world. We live with our dad Tony, our grandma Martha, and grandpa Jerry. Our mom passed away 5 days after Eddie and Anth were born. The doctors said it was from heart failure.
We lived in Denver, Colorado, but my dad chose to move here to Texas, with my gram and gramps after my mom died.
I have a cat and his name is Mickey but we like never see him because he always hides. I have 8 best friends, Logan, Nikki, Paige, Audrey, Dylan, Cody, Maddie and Tim. They are the best friends you could ever have! Logan and Nikki are brother and sister so they NEVER got along. The rest of us are like 6 peas in a pod.
The best part of my life is…that I get to take school with all of the friends I mentioned. Tim’s mom, Mrs. Ellison is our teacher. We only have school on Sundays, Mondays and Tuesdays. We get the days off that public schools have and we get a 4-month summer break. I think it is so much better than public school, even though I have never been to public school before. Mrs. Ellison is the funniest teacher, and she makes learning so much fun! Another reason I love this “school” is because I am in love with Nikki’s brother, Logan!
Anyway, my dad works as an airplane pilot so he is hardly ever home. My grandma and grandpa work voluntarily at the Senior Citizen Center on bingo night. I know, I know it seems weird that my grandparents work at the Senior Citizen Center. They should be the Senior Citizens.
Ok so, my dad told me that my cousin, Jordyn, is flying in from Paris in 3 days. Jordyn and I were best friends until the day she cut my hair when I was sleeping. Infact, that was only 5 months ago. Another reason I hate her is because she likes Logan too! She thinks he is so cute and she just loves him. That just sickens me. If only he liked me, I would ask him out and that would make her so jealous. Unfortunately, he doesn’t feel the same way about me. The only person that knows that I like him is Nikki.
All I had to say is…I HATE HER! She thinks she is so cool, and she is always bragging about her singing career! I mean she is a good singer, and I am really happy for her and her career, but she says I sing like a donkey! That’s just rude, I am a really good singer too! Well at least that’s what my family and friends say. Logan even says that I should make my own CD.
Jordyn also says that my old dog Pepper looked like a walking dishrag. Now, that is just going way too far! I mean she has no room to talk because her old dog looked like a mop. And every time she talks about my old dog it makes me really mad because, my dog got hit by a car 2 years ago.
I just hate her so much! I don’t even want her to step foot in this house! But my dad says we have to be nice and let her stay here, because, she’s family.
Ok, anyway get this, I go downstairs and in the kitchen, my dad is talking to Jordyn on the phone. So my daddy hands me the phone and I gave him the “you know I hate her” look. But that didn’t work, so, I just snatched the phone and ran into the living room.
“Hey Jor!” I said with excitement in my voice, I was obviously pretending though.
“Hello Samantha Nicole Taylor.” Jordyn said with more than a little attitude in her voice.
“So, What’s up?” I ask trying not to be annoyed and be nice at the same time.
“Oh, nothing. Say, has your hair grown back yet?” she asked obviously trying to get on my nerves, “You know, I might need to bring a pair of scissors. So I can restyle or as you like to call it, cut your hair again. ‘Cause you didn’t seem to mind last time I did it.”
“Yes, it has grown back,” I mumbled loudly, “after 5 long months, 5 long stinking months.”
“Ok, well I have to go now, Ciao.” She said sounding annoyed.
“Well, see you in 3 days!” I said happily, only because I saw dad giving me “the eye”.
“Oh no need to wait and see me,” she said, “tomorrow, my face will be all over the cover of Teen Idol magazine.”
“Oh. Ok.” I said in a normal voice, “Bye.”
“Bye little cousin.” She said.
I slammed down the phone, and ran up the stairs. I slammed my door shut, I jumped onto my bed and started punching my pillow. Then, daddy walks in and he sits down next to me on my bed. He looks at me with a frown on his face.
“Honey, you have to learn how to control yourself.” Dad said while looking at me straight in the eye.
“I can’t take it! Don’t let her come here!” I yell.
“Quiet down, you’ll wake the boys.” Dad says softly, “Now, she has to come because she’s working on her new CD here, and she needs a place to stay.”
“But…” I started, but dad stops me.
“She’ll only be here for 2 weeks I promise.” Dad says, “And when she leaves we’ll go visit Colorado, how about it? Deal?”
“Deal.” I say actually smiling for the first time all day.
“Alrighty then, see you tomorrow.” Dad says as he kisses me on the cheek and leaves.
I lay there on my back as I stare at the ceiling. I start to wonder, what will happen when she gets here. As I try to sleep, I picture the “good old days” when Jordyn and I were friends. I even start to smile when I started to think of the time that we ate my whole birthday cake, the day before my birthday. And I start laughing when I remember when we put her dad’s tie in the toilet. Unfortunately, it changed, now she’s mean, bossy, rude and inconsiderate. Though sometimes I even wonder if she ever thought of the past. Anyway, I don’t think there is anyway, that I could possibly enjoy her visit.
I herd my dad waking up to go to work, and I herd my gram and gramps coming in from work. That usually meant it was really late. I turned to look at the clock and it was 2:00A.M. I force myself to sleep because I have school tomorrow…well today.


It is morning and my enemy is supposed to arrive in exactly 48 hours. And I have to go to school in 1 hour, well I have to go next-door in 1 hour. As you may know, my dad left at 3:00A.M. to go to work, so my gram and gramps are taking care of me and my brothers.
I have a large problem too, I can’t find anything to wear! I need to look good today because Mrs. Ellison is assigning project partners. And I really, really, really want to be partnered up with Logan!
“Sam,” I hear Gram yell from downstairs, “time for breakfast.”
“Ok,” I yell back, “I’ll be down in five minutes.”
“You better hurry.” Gram yells back.
I throw on a light blue and white polo shirt, and a pair of blue jeans. I put on my Nike shoes, run down the stairs and sit down at the breakfast table. Anthony starts throwing bits of bacon at me and Eddie is giving Gram and Gramps some sort of lecture.
I finish, wash my plate and say bye to Gram and Gramps. I grab my backpack and run out the door. I go next door and ring the silver doorbell. Mrs. Ellison answers and lets me in.
“Hey Sam, you can go on into the living room and take a seat.” Mrs. Ellison says politely.
I nod my head and go in the living room to find everyone already here. I say hi to them and take a seat between Logan and Nikki. After I get my books and pencil out of my backpack, Mrs. Ellison walks in dressed in her bright ‘sun’ yellow shirt and black capris.
“Hey everyone.” says Mrs. Ellison.
“Hi Mrs. Ellison.” we all reply in unison.
“Ok, now I’m going to start off by assigning your project partners.” Mrs. Ellison says while getting her planner out of the desk drawer.
“I hope we get partnered up.” I hear Nikki whisper to me.
“Yea me too.” I reply, but I don’t mean it.
“Ok, the partners are,” Mrs. Ellison began, “Maddie and Audrey, Paige and Nikki, Dylan and Cody, and there will be one group of 3: Tim, Sam, and Logan.”
“Aww Mann!” Nikki sighs and looks at me, “I wanted to be partnered up with Sam!”
“Well to bad.” Mrs. Ellison says, “Those are the partners, now get to work. And I don’t want to hear any complaining.”
Oh my, gosh! I can’t believe this! I am like so, so, so, so, so HAPPY! I am partnered up with the 2 hottest boys in my neighborhood! Yea, I never told you but Tim’s hot too! I don’t like him as much as I like Logan though. This is the best day ever!
I stop daydreaming and look over where Logan was sitting, and he wasn’t there! I look around and I couldn’t find Logan and I couldn’t even find Tim. I walk over to Mrs. Ellison and she tells me that they ran outside about 3 minutes ago. She says they ran out with the excuse that they were starting their project, and they didn’t even have the assignment yet. I told her ok, and she gave me the assignment. Turns out we have to make our own house. Like, we have to build a house model. With everything in it, carpet, furniture, painted walls, etc. This is one of the hardest assignments I have ever gotten in my life.
“WHAT WERE YOU THINKING?” I hear coming from behind me.
I turn around and I find Nikki standing right there behind me. She stood there tapping her foot and her hands were on her hips. She looked quite angry.
“What are you talking about?” I ask her.
“Logan tried to talk to you, and you said, I love you!” Nikki whispers really quietly, but with strong meaning.
“WHAT!” I yell drawing attention to everyone in the room. I turn to them and say never mind.
“Yea, now see, if you wanted him to like you,” Nikki began, “you just lost every chance you had!”
“I can’t believe I said that!” I whispered, “I mean, I was thinking of him and it must have slipped out!”
“Yea, ya think!” Nikki says.
So I ran to the front door. As I reached for the golden doorknob, the door opened. And there in the doorway stood Logan and Tim.
“Hey Logan, hey Tim.” I say shyly.
“Uh…. I have to go to the bathroom.” Logan says and runs down the bright blue hallway and enters the last door on the left.
“Hey Logan,” Tim yells, “that’s my room, not the bathroom.”
There was no answer from Logan and no sign of him for the rest of the school day.
Just before I left, Tim took me by the hand and took me to his room to see if Logan was there. Tim opened the door and we found the window wide open and a note on Tim’s desk. Tim read the note and handed the small piece of scrap paper to me. It read:
Hey Tim, I feel weird working with Sam so can you get your mom to like switch me with Dylan or something. Thanks, Logan
I was crushed, so I crumpled up the note and ran out of the house. I ran through the front door of my house, and ran up the stairs to my room ignoring my dad. When I got in my room, I swung my hand across my bookshelf, knocking the books along with the shelf off of the wall. I jumped on my bed and screamed into my blue fuzzy pillow. I lay on my stomach for awhile crying when I hear a knock on my bedroom door. I sit up, wipe the tears from my face and say come in.
Daddy walks in with a box in one hand and huge slice of strawberry cheesecake, on an orange plate in the other. He sets the orange plate down and hands me the box. The box was about the length of a folder, and really thick. I open the box and inside is a clear blue phone.
“Uh…. Thanks,” I say, “but I already have a phone in here.”
“Yes, but this is not like the phone you have in here already.” Dad says while smiling.
“Well, what’s so different about this phone?” I ask, “Besides that it is so much cooler.”
“Well,” dad began, “it’s your own phone line!”
“Really!” I yell excitedly.
“Yea, you see it was supposed to be a Christmas present for you.” Dad began, “Your Gram, Gramps, and I decided it has been rough enough for you. So we are giving it to you now.”
“Thank you so much!” I say and jump up to give him a hug. He helps me plug in my phone and then tells me to eat my cheesecake before it gets warm. He smiles, walks out and closes the door behind him. While I eat my cheesecake I programmed all of my friends’ phone numbers into my phone. When I finish, I grab my TV remote, lay on my bed and watch some TV. About an hour later my new phone rings, so I answer it.
“Hello?” I say.
“Hi Sam, this is Tim.” says Tim, obviously.
“Hi Tim, say, how did you get my new number?” I ask.
“I called your home phone and your dad gave me your new number.” Tim replied.
“Oh-Ok, so what’s up?” I ask.
“Well I called Logan,” Tim began, “he said he doesn’t want to be changed anymore.”
“Really?” I ask sounding hopeful.
“No, just kidding, sorry, he still wants to be switched.” Tim said sounding sorry.
“Aww Mann.” I sigh.
“Anyway,” Tim said with a long pause, “how much do you like Logan?”
“ Uh, well,” I stutter, “a lot, I really, really like him.”
“Aww, how sweet.” Tim says.
“Yea, now you know…so please don’t tell anyone.” I say.
“You sure, don’t you want me to tell him you like, like him?” he asks me sounding like he wants to blurt my secret out.
“Don’t tell him, but he already knows…. Obviously.” I reply, as I start to cry.
“You Ok?” Tim asks me, and he sounds real comporting for once.
“No.” I say as I start to cry harder.
“Well, do you want me to come over or anything?” Tim asks me politely.
“No, that’s ok, I’m fine.” I say as I sort of stop crying.
“Alright, I’ll see you tomorrow then.” he says.
“Ok, bye.” I say and hang up the phone.
All night, well until 3:00 in the morning, I stayed up, staring at the ceiling. I finally fell asleep after awhile.


Well, it’s morning and my enemy is arriving early. I got the news like 5 minutes ago (from a sticky note on my forehead). Jordyn is going to arrive while I’m at school (next-door) at 1:00 P.M.
“Sam, come down here and give me a good-bye kiss!” I hear daddy yelling from downstairs.
“Okey-Dokey!” I yell back.
I jump out of my bed, run out of my bedroom door and slide down the nicely waxed stair banister. I jump up and give my dad a kiss on the cheek, say good-bye and run back up the stairs.
“What’s up with her?” I hear dad ask Gram just before I go back into my bedroom.
I just ignore it, enter my room and go over to the closet. I throw on a bright red Coca-Cola T-shirt and a pair of jeans. I throw on my red and white Adidas shoes and grab my math book off of my desk. I put the book in my backpack and I go downstairs to find Tim waiting by the door, he was talking to Gram.
“Hey Tim, what are you doing here?” I ask politely.
“Oh. Hey Sam, I just came by to see if you were coming to school today.” Tim said, “You sounded pretty depressed yesterday on the phone.”
“Samantha, honey,” Gram cuts in, “is there something you want to talk about?”
“No Gram, I’m fine.” I reply, “Come on Tim, let’s go to school before we’re late.”
“School hasn’t started yet.” He says, “And I don’t think my mom’s ready to start school.”
“In that case,” Gram cuts in once again, “would you like to stay for breakfast Tim?”
“Oh boy!” Tim said with his eyes widening. “I would love to!”
Of course, Tim never passes up a free meal. Which totally sickens me because I know that Gram’s going to want to know why I “sounded depressed” last night. So she’s going to keep asking me “what’s wrong.” Gram grabs Tim by the arm and leads him to the kitchen and of course, I follow them. When I enter the kitchen a scent of baked ham floats across the room.
“What’s for breakfast?” I ask Gram.
“Who cares,” says Tim, “as long as its food.”
Gram Laughs and then says “Baked ham, egg and cheese omelets, and hotcakes with extra butter.”
“Why did you make all this stuff?” I ask her.
“No reason.” She says.
“It’s to empress Jordyn, isn’t it.” I yell.
“No sweetie.” Gram says trying to calm me down, “That’s what my Lunch is for.”
“Samantha Nicole Taylor!” Gram yells angrily, “You DO NOT talk to me like that!”
Tim sits there stuffing his face, not even looking at us. It’s like he’s drowning us out. He may be a skinny kid, but he sure has a HUGE appetite. I look at him and he looks up. My eyes filled up with tears. Why did he have to look up at me then? At the most humiliating moment in my life! I turned to look at Gram and she is still yelling at me. I turn to look at Tim again, and he gives me these “eyes” that make me feel comforted.
I wipe the tears away from my eyes and I look at Gram and scream….
Gram stops yelling and looks at me, my brothers run down the stairs to see what’s wrong, and Gramps peeks into the kitchen through the living room. I didn’t even bother to see what Tim was doing, because I knew there were millions of tears running down my face, and I didn’t want him to see me. I just want to scream my guts out but instead…
I ran out of the kitchen and out the front door of the house. I ran until I ended up 18 blocks away from my house, at a dead end. I stood there looking back to see if anyone had followed me. All I see is a bunch of leaves crawl like a baby onto the street from Logan and Nikki’s yard. I then realize that no one cares about me! I just sit there in the grass, crying. I pick a few tiny flowers now and then but I eventually cry myself to sleep.
After about a half-hour later I open my eyes, stretch and sit up. After I realize where I was I yawned and stand up.
Five minutes later I turn around. I don’t know why but I just did. There behind me, lay a dog, his fur coat as golden as the sun. The dog looks as if he is maybe 2 years old. The dog’s back leg was stretched out and it was all cut up. I stand up and back away.
“Hey boy.” I say in a gentle voice. The dog lifts up and tilts his head. He puts his head back down and covers his face with his 2 front paws. “You’re a smart little fellow, aren’t you?”
“Sam!” I hear someone coming up behind me. I turn around, and there stands Tim.
“Why did you follow me?” I ask.
“Well I have been meaning to ask you something,” Tim began as he gasps for air, “I was wondering…” he paused.
“Grrrrrr….” the golden dog growled.
“It’s ok boy,” I say, “Tim’s my friend.”
“Cool,” Tim pushes me aside and walks over to the dog, “a dog!”
“No…” I say sarcastically, “It’s a rabbit in disguise.”
I sometimes think Tim is retarded. I start laughing to myself, Tim looks over at me.
“Why are you laughing?” He asks me.
“No reason.” I say while still laughing.
“Yes there is.” Tim says while standing up.
“No, no there isn’t.” I say, then I burst out laughing. I even find myself on the ground.
“Fine. If you won’t tell me then I’ll,” Tim begins then stops.
“Then you’ll what?” I say as I stand and wipe the grass off of my butt, “You gonna go tell you mommy?” I laugh.
“Never mind,” He says as he turns away and starts walking back down the street. “Just forget everything that I said.”
“Wait,” I say as I run after him and grab him by the shoulder.
“Just leave me alone,” he yells, stops to turn around and continues, “or is that to hard for you to understand?” Tim than wipes my hand of his shoulder and starts running back down the street.
I turn to the golden haired dog. “You seem to be the only one I have to rely on now.” I sit down under a tree, “You won’t leave me boy, right?”
“WOOF.” the golden dog barks.
“I think I’m gonna call you Buddy.” I give Buddy a tight squeeze and bury my face in to his golden fur coat.
“Grrrrrr.” Buddy growls.
“What is it Buddy?” I ask while lifting my head from the Buddy’s fur coat. I look in the direction Buddy is looking in. Buddy was growling at Logan and Nikki’s house. I see Logan coming out of his house and Nikki following. “Well, It must be time for school.” I say to Buddy.
“Arf.” Buddy replies.
“Should I go to school?” I ask Buddy.
“WOOF.” he barks, grabs at my T-shirt, and starts to pull me down the block.
About after 10 minutes of Buddy pulling me, I decide to just run alongside Buddy and follow him. It’s better then being pulled across the neighborhood, I laugh. I get to Tim’s house and I ring the doorbell.
“Buddy,” I begin, “stay here until I get out of here.”
“WOOF.” Buddy barks and then hides under the rose bushes.
Mrs. Ellison answers the door.
“Oh, hello Sam.” she says in surprise. “Your Gram called and said you weren’t coming in today.”
“Well, I’m here now.” I say.
“Yea, well, ok,” she stutters, “come on in.”
“Alright.” I answer and push her to the side gently. Just enough, to make room for me to squeeze in-between her and the doorway. I go into the living room where everyone usually meets, and I sit down next to Logan. After Logan realizes that I had sat next to him, he gets up and walks over to Dylan and sits in-between him and Cody.
“Logan said last night, that you creep him out.” I hear a voice come from behind me. I turn to see who it was, and it was Nikki.
“Well, that’s not a surprise.” I say.
“It’s ok, I’ll always love you.” Nikki reaches over and gives me a hug.
“Well it makes me mad that…Well, I don’t know exactly.” I begin as I escape from Nikki’s hug that was as tightly grasped as a snake squeezing its prey. “I’m just mad at everything!”
“Ok, here I’ll fix one of you problems.” Nikki pauses and walks toward Logan.
“NO!” I scream, but it’s too late. My heart sinks like an anchor sinking to the ocean floor. I just sit there, I try to move but I just can’t. It seems as if my feet are cemented onto the floor. I just want to run away, I want to be anywhere but here! I just stare at Nikki talking to Logan, she’s pointing at me and looking at me then looking away. After about 5 minutes of talking and pointing, Nikki comes back over.
“Logan wants to know if you want to go to the movies with him on Friday.” She begins.
“You’re lying, Logan doesn’t like me, not even as a friend.” I say painfully holding back tears. I just have been crying way too much these past couple of days, so I just got to hold the tears back.
“Alright you got me, I was just kidding, you know…. just messin’ with you!”
“Ok, let me ask you a question…” I began to raise my voice and stand up, “DO YOU WANT TO TORTURE ME!?”
“No, I..I..I just thought it would be a fun joke.” Nikki replied trying to keep a normal expression, where obviously she was scared.
“WHAT THE HECK IS YOUR PROBLEM?!” I say again, only this time drawing attention to everyone in the room.
“I don’t have a problem, I just thought it was funny!” she says while standing up and getting all up in my space.
“Oh my gosh!” I scream, “You are such a retard!”
“Yes you!”
“Ok, whatever…” she yells. Nikki pushes me so hard I fall over into Logan’s lap. “Wow, you tiger, you guys didn’t even have a first date yet.” She laughs and turns around to talk to the others.
“YOU RETARD!!!” I scream as I get up. I poke her on the back gently. As she turns around, I swung my fist so hard into her face, I thought I broke it (my fist and her face). She falls to the ground with a thud. I stand there staring at my fist with my mouth wide open in astonishment. I ran so fast out of there that I don’t think anyone noticed that I left. As I ran past the rose bushes I called for Buddy and ran to my house opened the door fast and there stood my archenemy, Jordyn.


“Hello Samantha.” Jordyn said with a happy grin on her face, “We have news for you!”
“What kind of news?” I ask.
“Oh-Yeah. It’s the kind you don’t like to hear.” She said with a sly-grin on her face. Of course, I expected to be getting grounded because of the way she looked at me. Though when I shoved her to the side I ran into the living room where my Gram and Gramps sat facing the TV. They had on the channel 11 news which is very odd.
“What are you guys watching.” I asked.
“Come watch.” Gram said sounding like she had been crying.
I went toward the TV and as I got closer and closer I heard Gramps crying! I have like never, ever heard him cry before! He even told me once a few years ago, that he never cries, only when someone dies. So I listen to the TV and I hear the most horrid thing that you could ever think of.
“A local air pilot has died in a crash today along with a few other passengers, but most have survived.” Wendi Cari’Montai said with a frown on her face, “The passengers’ have not yet been identified, though the pilot’s name was Tony Taylor Jr., 29 of Austin Texas. Tony had a daughter and 2 sons, he was also a single parent. Best of luck to his family. Reporting live from the crash scene here in San Francisco, California. Back to you Jen.”
I couldn’t feel my legs. I ran out of the room and tried to run to my room, but guess who was in my way? Jordyn was standing there holding Buddy by the neck. I screamed at her to let Buddy go. She didn’t. So I just swung my fist even harder then I had swung at Nikki. And of course, she fell to the ground. Buddy ran fast toward me and I took Buddy up to my room. Buddy knew something was wrong so he put his face on my lap. I grabbed my backpack from school and started to pack some stuff in it, I was running away.


As I was closing up my backpack my phone rang, so I picked it up.
“Hello?” I ask.
“Hi Sam, I’m sorry about what happened this morning.”
“Who is this?” I question.
“That doesn’t matter,” the strange voice said, “I just wanted to say that I was sorry, and that I will never forget you.”
“Please tell me who this is, please.” I beg, hoping that this was no stalker.
“Sorry, I can’t you might turn me in, and I’m happy where I am!” the voice hollers.
“Well, sorry, I’m not in the mood.” I say calmly, “I just found out that my father died and the only people left who can take care of me are my Gram and Gramps and they can’t take care of me forever!”
“Oh, I’m sorry to hear that.” The voice says.
“Please just tell me who you are, I have to go somewhere.”
“Where are you going?” the voice asks.
“I can’t tell you, you might be a stalker!” I say.
“I swear I’m not!” the voice says, “I know you, I go to school with you!”
“Tim?” I ask starting to recognize the voice, “Is that you?”
“Uh, ahem, uh.” The voice stutters. Now I know it’s Tim!
“Tim, look, I know I was kind of hard on you this morning,” I say, “I am really sorry for acting like that, but I have to go before Jordyn comes up here.”
“You don’t need to apologize,” Tim says, “Oh, so your just leaving the room forever.”
“What are you talking about?” I ask.
“Well, you said before that you were going somewhere.” Tim answers kid of figuring out that I’m up to something.
“Oh, Well, let’s just say I’m not coming back to school, and you may see me on TV.” I said, “Well, bye.”
“WAIT!” I heard him say as I pressed the “off” button, but it was too late.
I grabbed my backpack and went over to my money jar. My money jar had all the money that I had saved up from babysitting the twins. I just threw it in my backpack, I figured there had to be like almost $200 in there.
I thought about going out the front door, but I knew Jordyn was going to be all up in my face and she would tell on me. So I opened my window, and even though I was on the second story of the house, I jumped! Unfortunately for me I landed in the rose bushes. Good thing I brought paper towels, to wipe the blood off of my face.
I got up and brushed myself off and I started walking. Then I remembered Buddy, he was still up in my room! I went over to where I had landed and I called out his name. Buddy came to the window and he barked. I yelled, “JUMP!” but all Buddy did was tilt his head and cock his ears. I had to get him down so I told him to follow me, and guess what, he jumped. Buddy just missed landing in the rose bushes and landed right in front of me! What a talented dog!
We started up the street walking slowly, and then we started to run. I was laughing so hard that I could barely run! I just love Buddy so much! Even though my dad was gone, I tried not to think about it. I just tried to run away from my problems and I’m pretty sure that’s what Buddy was doing too!


It was getting dark, Buddy and I had to stop for the night. We decided to stop at this one park, this certain park was exactly 15 miles away from my house. I looked at my watch, which was attached to my backpack’s zipper. It read 12 o’clock, midnight. We were approximately 10 yards away from the park that we were planning to stop at. So we get there and Buddy and I slip under some bushes. We find a comfortable area and slept.
About 3 hours later we were woken by the sound of police car sirens and people calling out my name. Buddy tried to run out of the bushes, but I held him by the rope collar that I had made for him before we went to sleep. I herd the police men say to bring in the dogs. So I just freaked and I looked around, there had to be a away out! Just then I saw a hole in the brick wall next to where we were laying. I coaxed Buddy through the hole first, then I put on my backpack and squeezed through the hole. I got tore up so much, but I didn’t care, I just wanted to get away! Probably everything bad would happen if I went back or even if they caught me. Since the wall was so high up and it wasn’t any shorter then I was, I was able to stand up and run! I whispered to Buddy, “Run!” and he obeyed.
We ran for about 10 minutes straight and we ended up at some sort of lake. The sign read “Welcome to Lake Garnobfia!” I never heard of the lake before but hey, it was a nice place to just relax. We just stood there taking in the cool fresh air when all of a sudden we herd a fierce snarl behind us.
I felt hot breath crawl up my back. It gave me a sudden chill and I can tell you right now that this was no police dog. I herd Buddy growling and snarling, I was frozen and I could not move. Buddy stopped to look up at me for almost a second, he was trying to tell me something, but what? Then, just then, the beast tried to attack me from behind but Buddy jumped in front of it. This “thing” was getting very upset. You could tell it was hungry and I haven’t even turned to see what it is yet. I wanted to see what it was so badly that I stupidly, decided to turn around very slowly, because Buddy was there to protect me. As I turned I got a glimpse of the beast ready to pounce on Buddy! There I discovered, Buddy was about to get attacked and eaten by a wolf. There was no way I could stop the wolf. What was a girl like me to do? Buddy was my hero, my friend, and the only one I could talk to who could understand what I felt! I just couldn’t loose him so as the wolf snapped at him I pushed him out of the way. Buddy fell real fast into the lake. I was now face to face with a huge wolf! Buddy struggled to escape from the water; it looked like something had him by the back legs. There was something in he water, I didn’t know what but it was something. I was totally stuck; both of us would probably die now thanks to me! If I just hadn’t pushed Buddy into the water. At least one of us would have been safe.
Since I had nothing to lose, I tried to use the self-defense lessons on the wolf that my dad had taught me. I kicked the wolf right in the nose super hard. The wolf fell to the ground and got right back up. It was about to attack me but then a gun was fired. The wolf ran away frightened and I jumped into the water. I grabbed Buddy by the rope collar and I gave the collar a jerk then Buddy was able to swim to shore himself. Buddy must have been just stuck on something. We both got to shore and we sprawled out on the grass. I closed my eyes just for a second, but then I herd gunfire and a man scream “GET OFF MY PROPERTY!” I got up and started to run. I ran for about a half of a minute and that’s when I noticed Buddy wasn’t following me! I ran straight back and I noticed that Buddy was hurt really bad. I didn’t know what to do so I picked him up. I struggled to carry him a couple of miles then I just collapsed! I looked at the watch on my backpack and it read 5 o’clock. I looked at Buddy, he could barley move. I had to go home and get him to a vet. Only one problem, which way is home?


I didn’t know what way was home. So I picked up Buddy and I started to walk the way that I had came. It wasn’t long before I ran into a policeman.
“Excuse me.” I said, “My name is Samantha Taylor.”
“Oh, yes, we have been looking for you.”
“Yeah, yeah I know,” I say, “just please help my dog!”
“Just come with me.” He says and takes me by the arm. It was very uncomfortable, carrying Buddy and him pulling me. We got to his car and put me in the backseat. We drove and drove while he was talking to people on his cell phone. The cop parked in front of my house and scolded for me to get out of the car. So I obeyed and got out. Though I should have stayed to make him really mad. Haha. I walked into the house and I ran upstairs to find Gram lying on the floor not breathing. I set Buddy down gently and I ran into my room. I grabbed my phone and I dialed 911. I told them about what happened and they said they would be right over. The next thing I did was call the vet. They said they usually don’t come to people’s houses. Though I wasn’t old enough to drive so they said they’d come over. I gave them my address and I hung up the phone. I ran all through the house and there was no sign of Gramps, the twins, or even Jordyn. I ran back to where Gram’s lifeless body was lying. I just couldn’t look so I went to the kitchen and sat at the table to find a note.
I went to take Jordyn to the hospital [took twins too]. I will be home late in the afternoon, I’m taking them out for ice cream after. Keep looking for Sam!
I hear police sirens and fire trucks and everything else. The cops, medical people, vet people, and firefighters start to pound at the door. I run and open the door and lead them up to where I found Gram and to where Buddy was. I couldn’t bear to watch anymore so I just went back to the kitchen and thought. I mean the last thing I did was flip out on Gram. I lay my head on the table and drifted to sleep. Next thing I knew Jordyn was screaming my name in my ear. I woke up. I saw everyone except for Jordyn crying.
“Where’s Gram, is she ok?” I ask.
“No honey, she’s gone.” Gramps said softly.
“Hahaha. Finally, she was such a suck up.” Jordyn laughed sounding very evil.
“You idiot!” I screamed. “You don’t care about anyone or anything.”
“Yes I do.” She replied, “I care about me.”
“What ever.” I say while taking my brothers by the hands and leaving the room.
“You’re so scared of me and you know it.” I hear Jordyn yell. “By the way, you little brothers look like mini hobos!”
I took Anth and Eddie to their rooms and then I went to mine. I busted out in tears and collapsed onto the floor not even making it to my bed. Just then Anth comes into my room and kneels down beside me. Then Eddie comes in a minute later. They pat me on the back and they just start crying too. Our family was falling apart! Just then I heard a barking sound coming from under my bed. We all stopped crying and we looked under my bed. Out popped Buddy!
“BUDDY!” I cheered!
“When did we get a dog?” The Twins asked in unison.
“Oh, I found him, he’s not our dog yet.” I say, “Well, actually I haven’t asked if we could keep him yet.”
“I hope we can keep him.” Anth says.
“Me too Anth, me too.” I say while looking at Buddy’s legs [that he had hurt.] They were all fixed and I was so happy. “Hey guys, do you hate Jordyn too?”
“Oh, more then you would ever believe.” Eddie said without hesitation.
“What do you say about a little payback?” I say very suspiciously.
“Oh Sam, we are going to do way more then a little payback!” Anth says positively.
“Oh yes.” Eddie and I agree quickly.


“Ok, I say we fill her bed with shaving cream, shampoo, and conditioner!” Anth began.
“No, well yes but we need something bigger and better.” I say.
“I got it!” yelled Eddie, “Ok, we do what Anthony said AND we can put a bucket of syrup over her bedroom door! That way when she wakes up to find she covered in shampoo and all that stuff, she’ll run out the door! Therefore the syrup will pour all over her!”
“That’s still not enough!” I answer while snapping my fingers. “Plus, I don’t think that will work, unless we do it when she’s sleeping.”
“Kids?” I hear coming from outside my door. It was gramps.
“We’re in here!” the Twins yelled in unison. They are real good at that.
“Hey guys,” Gramps said while entering the room. “So I hear you got a dog.”
“Where did u hear that?” I ask looking at the twins.
“Well, Jordyn told me and now I am seeing it for myself.” He said.
“Please Gramps can we keep him?” ask the twins, “we’ll help Sam take care of him! Please?”
“Ok. Just because it has been hard on you guys.” Gramps replied, “We’ll go get him a license tomorrow morning.”
“THANK YOU!” we all yell and run up to hug him.
“BARK, BARK!” Buddy barked.
“Haha, I think Buddy is saying thank you too.” I laugh.
“Well, I’m going to go call the airport to get us some plane tickets.”
“Wait, What?” I ask.
“Well, I am planning to move and I found a house in Arizona.” Gramps answered.
“Where at in Arizona?” Anth asks.
“Little Rock.”
“Oh, wow, well, dad kind of promised he would take me to Colorado, to visit.” I say.
“Well, I’m sorry sweetie.” Gramps says, “Your dad’s gone and now we don’t have a lot of money anymore.”
“Well, he said he was going to take us to go see mom’s grave!” The Twins joined in.
“I am really sorry guys, I really am.” Gramps said as he walked out the door. “Oh, by the way, they found Tim.”
“I never knew he was missing.”
“Yeah he went missing not to long before you went missing.”
“Oh, well, ok.”
I looked at the twins and they look back. A tear rolled down my cheek. Buddy licked it off. Just then all of us had buckets of tears rolling down our faces! So Buddy gave up.
“Great!” yelled Eddie, “This is like what, the 3rd time we moved!?”
“I know guys, but Gramps is all we got now and we have to go with him.”
Just then I saw something poking out of my closet. I walked over and opened my closet door. The twins followed me and peeked in. It was a box, but it wasn’t mine. There was a label on the box It read “Jordyn.” I took it out and set it on my bed. I opened it slowly. In the box laid Gram’s medication.


“Oh My God!” Eddie whispered quietly.
“W…w….w…what the?” I could barley speak.
“Gram can’t live without her medication!” Anth said, “That’s why she died!”
“Anthony, did Gramps mention what happened to Gram?” I ask, “You know, like how she died?”
“Not that I remember,” answered Anth, “Eddie, do you remember?”
“No, so this must have been how she died!”
“Gra…mmmmphh.” Eddie tried to call Gramps up, but Anthony covered his mouth.
“We can’t tell ANYONE about this.” Anthony said to Eddie.
“Why not?” Asks Eddie as Anth takes his hand from his mouth.
“Well, we will,” I say, “just not yet.”
“We should tell Gramps now!” demanded Eddie. “This could be serious, we could possibly have a killer in our house!”
“GRAMPS!” I yell while sliding down the stair banister. Anth and Ed follow with the box in hand. “Gramp…” I get knocked off the banister and fall onto the floor with a loud thud.
“Why do you need Gramps?” Jordyn asked with a really sour look on her face.
“No reason, I just need to tell him something.”
“Oh, well, what’s in the box?” she said while walking over toward the twins.
I jump up and walk in front of her. “Don’t touch them, or the box!”
“Why?” she asked, “Got something to hide?”
“No!” yelled Eddie.
“YOU SHUT UP!” Jordyn peeked past me, “So, What are you hiding Sam?!”
“I’m not hiding anything, you are.”
“What are you talking about?”
“You know!” I yell, “You know very well what I am talking about!”
“You’re the one who killed our Grandma!” Anth yelled.
Jordyn punched me, I fell against a lamp. It broke and the electric went out.
“I’ll kill you Sam, I’ll kill all of you.”


The room became silent, it was dark and I felt a cool breeze coming in from the window. “A...A…Anthony?” I called sounding very scared. “E…E…Eddie?” There was no answer. The curtains blew onto my face covering my eyes, not that it even mattered, It was pitch black anyway. I saw a flash of lightening followed by a boom of thunder. I used the lightening to guide me to the circuit breaker. When I reached the circuit breaker I flipped the switch and the lights came on. I stood there breathlessly. I walked slowly to the kitchen. As I entered the kitchen I saw a figure in the faint light from the living room. I flipped the kitchen light on and I felt a hand on my shoulder.
“You will not call the cops, do you hear me?!”
“I…I…I won’t.” I answer while turning to face Jordyn.
“Good,” She said with the slyest grin crawling upon her face. “Because if you do, let’s just say you’ll be an only child again! hahaha!”
I walked forward toward the figure that I had seen in the dim light. I walked closer to it and it was Gramps! “Gramps?” I whisper while shaking him. He did not wake up. I tried to feel his pulse, there was none. I gasp. “Jordyn, this isn’t funny!” I was shaking “Why are you doing this to me?!”
“Sam, Sam, Sam,” I hear Jordyn, but I don’t see her. “You have a lot of things to learn.”
“This isn’t funny Jordyn!” I yell, “Where are my brothers!?”
“Oh, they’re ok, but they won’t be if you leave this house or make any phone calls.”
Just then I remembered, the computer! I couldn’t call anyone, or leave the house but I was allowed to IM. I went to the computer.
Pepsi 422: LOGAN! HELP! CALL 911!
Lil’ Butt Brain: why?
Lil’ Butt Brain: is this a joke?
Pepsi 422: NO JUST CALL! HELP!
...Pepsi 422 Signed off…
The computer had just completely shut off. Someone had cut the wire. Well, not just someone, Jordyn.
“I TOLD YOU NOT TO CALL ANYONE!” Jordyn yelled fiercly.
“I didn’t call anyone!” I called back.
“Ok, fine you win on that one, but Logan thinks you are joking.”
“How would you know?”
“Oh, Please, I was standing right behind you the whole time.” She said.
The lights went out again, except for one light, the one in the basement. The room became silent again, only after about 5 minutes I heard police sirens! I stayed put. The police knocked down the door. Logan followed behind them. I didn’t move.
“Sam!” Logan yelled and ran over to me. “Are you ok?” He helped me up.
“No.” I answered. I couldn’t stop shaking.
“Excuse me miss, can you tell me what is goin’ on here?” asked the policeman.
“My cousin…killer…dead…poison…” I began, “OH-NO MY BROTHERS!” I screamed and ran to the basement.
“ANTHONY! EDDIE!” I screamed.
“Sss….gggglllyy…ffhhhnnn,” The Twins tried to speak, but I couldn’t see them. I knew I had little time before Jordyn got to them, unless she already had them. I looked in almost every corner and behind everything. All I kept hearing was “Sss….gggglllyy…ffhhhnnn” but just then I saw an old toy chest. I ran and opened it. “ANTH! EDDIE!” I whispered loudly.
“Ma’am can you please explain this to us.” Asked the officer again.
“My cousin, Jordyn, you know, the singer.” I began, “She was here for a visit and she killed my Gram, Gramps, and she was trying to kill my brothers!” I took the tape from my brother’s mouths’.
“SAM!” Anth started, “The Box! It has Proof! She Killed Dad!”
The officer ran to the box on the table that had the box on it. He opened the box and found plans. Plans of our house and places were highlighted and had sub-notes on them. He read through everything and he helped us get help. Officer Palomeria [the officer’s name] took us to the paramedic van outside our house.
The paramedic, Miss Katherine was very nice to us. She put bandages around the twins’ cuts. And she helped me with my black eye and cuts and scrapes. After everything we sat there in the back of the van, sobbing. Later on the police came out with Jordyn cuffed and put her in the back of the police car. She gave me such an evil stare, I thought she might burn a hole through me.
“Sis?” The twins ask in unison…again.
“Yeah guys?”
“Where is Buddy?”
“BUDDY!” I screamed. I ran into the house as fast as I could and up the stairs and opened the door to my room. “Buddy?” I called softly.
“WOOF.” Buddy came out from under the bed.
“Aww Buddy, did that evil Jordyn lock you in here?” I pet Buddy and try to calm him down, “C’mon Buddy! Let’s go outside.”
“WOOF.” Buddy barks and he follows me out side, back to the paramedic van.
“Hey guys, I found him!”
“Cool.” Ed and Anth said with tears rolling down their cheek.
“Wait, what’s going on?”


“They’re sending us to an orphanage.” Anthony answered.
“Sam, I don’t wanna go to a orphanage!” Eddie cried and buried his face in Buddy’s fur.
“Sammy?” Anthony begins, “will we get to keep Buddy?”
“I’m sorry Anth, I don’t think so.”
“Ok kids, come on, time to go.” Officer Palomeria says.
“No.” I begin, “I don’t want to live with out Buddy!”
“Well, come on, we’ll see if they’ll let you keep him.” Answers the officer.
We get in the Officer’s car and rode off to the orphanage. I don’t say a word the whole 3 hours it took us to get there. Buddy sat on my feet and I looked down at him. I remembered the time I first saw him. I love Buddy. I had flash backs from my whole life the way there. I want my family back. We arrived at the orphanage. Fortunately, the person that ran the place let us keep Buddy. But there was still something missing.
Two months have passed and recently a couple chose to adopt the twins. I told the twins to take Buddy with them because I knew they loved him and Buddy loved them too. So now I am an orphan here in Montana, that’s right, after the twins were adopted I got shipped off to the orphanage in Montana. It’s supposed to be the best orphanage, but I have no friends here and no life. No one even remembers you birthday and they don’t even get you anything for Christmas. So please cherish the good and bad moments with you family. So I guess this is The End for me.

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