High-rise flat death | By: Michelle Yeo | | Category: Poem - Death Bookmark and Share

High-rise flat death

the cars themselves
shrunken in size
moving boxes
adhering to various lanes
defining the street
the whole stretch
clean and swept
by human hands
will see dirt
a deluge of it
in a minute's time
the colour of fear
weaves itself about
almost akin to
a whitish greyness
this sinister quietude
cutting across blocks
making heads arch skywards
stopping footsteps
and its banal thudding
Someone is up there:
one whispers like a scared rabbit
a bet is taken up
someone ejaculates - Stop!
heaviness then falls
like the finale curtain
ending like any other play
the landscape
an uneven spread of urban traffic
distills into a red land
catching every eye
pinning them
never letting go...
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