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slow down

the same routine get up and have a quick wash or shower then pieces of toast and a cup of tea and run for the bus or train or drive to work all part of life we rush and rush but where are we all heading are we happy . did god make us to go through life just work and work and where are the o
ther aspects of life such as love, understanding, mutual understanding, spiritual association,respect of other people and sacrifice for is a golden commodity and they say money makes the world go it true?i worked in a hospital with lots of clients with learning difficulties and it is sad to see that their world evolve around the same surrounding. when we finish a shift we go home to our own lives and go out , we go to the seafront, we have all the nice time in the world but they are tuck in one place they do not need money or pay the bills and yet they are the happiest souls alive.some do learn some basic skills but still they are stuck there for good some do not even have any relatives some were dumped there by parents who did not want to know them and the primitive cure for their handicap was they had holes drilled in the scalp to drive the demons out of their heads as at that time people thought they were demonic. now the advance of medicine and a greater understanding of their imperfections are appreciated and the government has kindly passed a law that all the hospitals be closed and the clients be put in the community like any ordinary citizen and it very reassuring for them that they are recognised as humans and not demons...
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