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living with diabetes

lisa was a very cool and outgoing girl and never thought that one day she would and prick her fingers with lance and draw blood to put on a blood monitoring machine and after that inject herself with insulin to keep her going throughout the day.its all happened when she started drinking lots of tea and water.a freind suggested that she pays a visit to the local Gp which she did but she was wrongly diagnosed and the doctor put her on thyroxine tablets 25 mgm daily telling her that she had undersecretion of thyroid...when in fact she was already being gnawed by diabetes.. one night as she slept she went into a semi coma and her parents rushed her to the hospital when she her hand was loaded with an insulin pump. the doctor came and explained to her that she was a mature diabetic and she had to have insulin as other ways of conroling the illness was futile as she was discovered at a very late stage of the disease... lisa broke down saying i cant inject myself four times daily...but the doctor reassured do not worry the nurse will teach you all what to do and after a seven day stay lisa returned home and she is living with her illness but she is happy saying though i have this lifethreatening companion with me all the time life is still worth living and life is precious and life makes you sad at times but look on other side of it and you will see the brighter side and though the darker side creeps in now and again they say there is always a light at the end of the tunnel....
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