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Itsy Bitsy Liar

When you look at me you may see a less-than-perfect human being. But thatís okay because Iím not here to please you. So close your eyes and take my hand. Let my pulse guide you. Do you see the broken dreams? Do you hear your shadowís screams? Please donít let go, thereís so much that hasnít been told. Now take my hand, grasp it firmly, you must feel my blood flow.
My dear, why are you crying? Are your dreams no more than lies? For heavenís sake, stop you bawling! Your tears could fill the midnight full. Please. Please. Please! Quit your whining. The world is still turning and Hell is still burning, so why are you so upset? Oh, I know, it is my breath, it is pretty raunchy. Now donít you leave, just give me a second. Iíll be right back; I have to go fetch a peppermint.
How stupid do you think I am? Look around, what do you see? Yes, I know, this room is full of mirrors. So why did you try to leave, did you think I could not see? Why? Oh well, you didnít get too far. Are you wondering why you canít feel your legs? Well, last night while you were sleeping I did something. Now donít you worry, I didnít have sex with you, but I did drill into your spine. I took your nerves and tied them tight. Donít be afraid, I didnít do anything the doctors canít make right. I just wanted you paralyzed.
Can I ask you a question? Your silence must mean yes, so here it goes. What is your name? Come on, you can tell me. Please, pretty please, pretty please with sugar on top. Tell me your name! Tell me, tell me, TELL ME! Thatís it, you are a no good whore. A pimp would never want you as his bitch. Am I right? I said, am I right?
Okay, Iím sorry, please forgive me. Sometimes I just lose myself and forget to think. I am deeply sorry. Are we okay? Can you please forgive me? Tell me I am forgiven or I will take this knife and cut out your eyes.
Now, thatís better. I apologize for my crooked way, but what you donít know is that I am not me. I am not myself. The fear is rising, itís overflowing my veins. Iím so afraid, Iím afraid of myself. This fear, itís like a whisper in the wind, you hear it but you donít know where it came from. Have you ever been afraid? Donít lie, just tell me. When you lie you are not being honest. Please stop distorting the truth. Tell me, have you ever been afraid? Fine, be a little baby, pretend like you donít hear me, it doesnít matter to me, my life will go on.
ďI love you.Ē
I love you? What the hell is that? You are a liar. All I did was treat you with kindness as I took you into my home. But you have been arrogant and worthless. You have shown me nothing. You donít even talk to me, your lips have been zipped shut for all of these years. Keeping even the faintest whisper from kissing my ears.
I love you? What is that? A lie? A dream? How could you love a man like me? A man filled with twelve personalities.
That cross around your neck, does it protect you from the lies, or does it condemn you to the suffering? Iíve sacrificed the lamb of my life and now it is your turn to serve my time. Youíve been sentenced to life without a tongue to be seen, and you bleed the tears of false security.
Close your eyes my sweet sugar lips, speak to me, say I love you again.
I thank you for everything you have taught me and now you are free to die. Goodbye my angel of redemption. I hope you have a nice flight on the wings of salvation.
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