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Talking to a Wall

Snake shed force kin Eugene o誰eil in honey I shrunk the cilia riding around with a giant bee hive on his gorge 518 ~:) you can't eat cow arms without a permit well as long as the paperwork's in order I don't see any harm in it going blind - out of reach Nightflowers swamp thing flux in a cave! Hey there's a beast in there with her... dug up holed in at the bull festival the last one was 'good enough' - the others are hilarious... and the 1 with Fenchurch is Delightful as anything else I致e read ever I think that one's so long and thanks for the fish but I知 not sure my aunt with her fran jelico coffee drinks you busted me 518 I don't know what it is to splut 1 Life's Burning hot chocolate fire and ice salad with sugar sprinkles tell that to the assholes lost! all dragons name of jim may pass molten reflections in the mickey mouse tapestry that's a lot of firepower emm death to the french foreign mountain squad! European dragons: guardians of material things possession Ubik it is important to pay attention to movies my favorite romance the first crocodile Dundee and if you think I知 joking see it again ~ I stand up and yell when she's running to find him at the station and stops to take off her heels first date movie: Soul Man c. Thomas Howell takes pills to turn his skin black so he can get into college good will hunting is magic the first time frank was here - darko director new movie southland tales coming soon darko is everything a movie should be, and that's the best way I can describe what that is. see it if you haven't contact is cool I had no idea... the Jackie chan cartoon is cooler than the movie Jackie & jade cleanin up the town lol ~ that one's my favorite and I always skipped the Laura branigan doesn't anybody knock anymore? the old man and his potions Aku interesting. works fine here. hmm doomed (music for dark tortured souls) a reel hoot thank you ~:) that's my most 'personal' track to date, I think. I gotta knock out 30 more review pairs then record a couple more seen this too rep mythological tarot these things go by again for no reason at all rep something in its lap are you sure? I知 not so sure maybe well there's no real proof exactly! nits to all of you you are talking to Jesus talk me to your leader nic-o-nit niche some movie was on deniro and Cuba gooding men of honor high gloss bovine jell-O grease mad cows and orientals as well 454 this is 440 what's up 549? oats man get lots of sunlight seriously what's up? infini did you hear shoot the duck? yes 549 Hawaii was pretty killer I壇 even say it was phat actually Hawaii was dope yeah, dope... 440 549 was just looking for you some things never change ~ and some things do pretty far from NYC and Washington DC I知 good for a laugh or 2 but I知 no buttsex 549 if only I were buttsex this is me 549 mom just took that infini Emma? So little to say... always striving higher swamp gnats porch monkey dank blue humming grasshopperz that's the 2nd time that lake shot made it around to become my desktop scary Gary that's like what I imagined sea monkeys would grow up to look like 518 wavy red hair and lots of teeth and knowing is half the battle there is no escape an impure thought kung fu grip a singular jocularity space station soma stream halibut habitat oxygen tent very nice to know all of you, whatever I may think most of the time well that's a relief cause no one was getting Christmas presents ~ right on. bookmark soma they got a few good different ones a raving endorsement from 'my' side of the fence argh here sorbet infini that is a way to describe it I never thought of and very accurate I think it's cerebral and tactile sensation - not hard to imagine that as a part of 'it' still salvia weirds me out. but as long as I can smoke some grass 1st np I didn't understand it really. I didn't hate it. I壇 do it again. gets plenty of recommendations and yes in a way it's amazing it's legal it might call it comforting in a lonely way... not bad at all? really, I値l have to do it again. it's really potent 27 degrees whizzing and bubbling between energy chords nice 1 bear being lucky to be able to sleep (almost) whenever I feel like it must then report it's a POSITIVE thing to experiment with goblin grewl increase the frequency of those moments that feel like tripping. having tripped is a good way to know what instincts to trust aids in making whatever you imagine real only tied to the way one perceives it betty Crocker ez bake reality tunnel on what's defined as options rabbit fire! duck season rabbit season duck season rabbit season... whatever you name it the idea is to be lucid dreaming the whole charade screw understanding he who dies with the most toyz, WINZ! right now 518 is kicking everyone's asses it's pretty much like this smack-a-tooth with a bean/paw been/padded fur in yes muzzle there is real evil in the world infinitribe darling yobo storm moving in I thought I was putting croutons in the pasta turned out to be fruit trail mix. so I知 gonna put hot sauce on it and eat in anyway after it's done in the NUKER no I just found that somewhere on the web jimmy. this is the cat also 2 rats I do not have their pictures developed yet hot pepper sauce man I ain't scared it's like fuckin Hawaii up in smoke man the whole pot stinkin island with raisins and bananas and peppers lots of cheese y'never know what's gonna happen when you reach for the wrong bag o'shit to dump in sum'shit y'know? rat's rock feed em almost anything. social, like dogs. get 2 a rat should not be a lone. smaaaaart ~ not long to discover a rat's personality no my cat would not let your great Dane near anyone the rats would prolly get drowned in drool heh ~ yeah - I did know a great Dane of my uncle's once. long time ago. very happy dog Dane reporter and camera man following thief/killer "comedy" in b&w Great Dame and then you die puppy I found a piece of cookie on the floor and ate it uh-oh "For many boomers, turning 60 is a fairly significant shock," Pillemer said. "The generation that believed it would be young forever, clearly will not. The boomers are having a hard time with the existential reality of life not being one open-ended opportunity after another." nice breakfast bar who invented salads? what culture I mean "Time is Art!" social security hi jinxie hi yok all the classy spies get a clean plate on each return trip to the bar sounds good to me argh green from salad shooters lol argh I asked cause I didn't know salad! big bang boom grown ups are supposed to play nemo everything I致e ever said in here was done so with the intent of creating something positive regardless of your OPINION on it (or anyone else's) ~ if you can boast the same thing then for as I知 concerned you ought to have more to contribute for your 400 characters than 2D subjective critiques on everyone and YES OF COURSE I RECOGNIZE THE TRAIT because I致e "lived" it what stinky said as for why that's more a question for nemo pathological nemo I think you must be joking sometimes with the way you act like you see us seeing you ~ hi 281 I知 Peter Gabriel scored a movie for Marty - last temptation of Christ maybe you've seen it nemo you can have a stream train if you just lay down your trax bumper cars bumping... bring your bizcard back yo? flavor fine. be hyper. if you can accept yourself than you can accept the reaction to you. if you can't accept the reaction to you there's something you don't love about yourself. either way it's an eyesore all the bitching about people yes? that's funny russo. without a hierarchy who's responsible for the banning? I don't read anything in here russo I just type 505: I think it's a target date. 1/3 will "make it past". it what way remains to be seen (work in progress). what we be making it past is a sickness is nemo still spitting and yelling? who at now? you have any silver fish 505? I checked the log emp nemo gagged himself and ungagged himself twice earlier when no one was in here but that's it "I have hung out with Jack Sparrow, because Johnny is Jack Sparrow. We drink absinthe, that's what we do," he added. so if I decide that russo may or may not be telling the truth about Floyd being posers - does it matter if I reply in agreement or disagreement? before Dave Dave that's not what I meant russo. my question was if I知 about to agree or disagree with something that has a 50/50 chance of being full of shit itself, does it still "make a difference" to agree or disagree? you GUESS not? I hope it works out for you nemo how many income is this? oh they NEVER hear the "it's all designed thing" infini octo the only priority I知 aware of is laughing and that's enough wrong with it? nothing's wrong with it. it's perfectly true, and thus invisible to most everyone you can put it right in front: everything's connected - all for a reason but then there's nothing left to fuss about! I don't care how many steaks he can cut that dude's working my last nerve infini are you hitting on me? infinitribe is trying to seduce me! I see he has enlisted scanner as dj S some of you have a real way with words. others, not so much could I possibly find SOMEONE right now tripping on their own idea of Reality @ the moment... ANYONE? them arguing who where now nemo be well bear nemo says enjoy your day I hope they tip the barber or whoever last of his species lol pee new being the only prerequisite for a thing to try hey emm ~ weird wacky stuff nemo this is the goathead nebula where trolls are born 494 nemo's the most observant troll here heh oh course vita I was only testing you ARE by far the most observant troll ~ 494 you need to answer the riddle and get a passkey I was afraid you'd ask that. I don't remember the riddle 494 does anyone else have the riddle? 494 you hate it now but it will bring you back more times than you want to know the passkey riddle infini I don't remember it. 494 needs it too lost: not much different from this sound a koan and a 1 liner. looks like no one here has the riddle Saturday morning sages turn the pages yes nemo is one of the more tolerant among us lately whale herm ~ yes I believe that is the biggest housecat I致e ever seen sgt. bubblewrap yeah I知 gonna wear that pic out get used to it this is cute too smelled the teriyaki on the grill, is what the article said. florida, yup cool it gonna see a lot of this 1, too... sister bossanova must be hard of hearing? doing something unusual with the soap something that Mary is unaware of 518 did you build this? well what's different I tried to duplicate it by the photo and mine doesn't work you mean the input or output? of course! thank you enigmatic cloak of pure evil in a crunchy shell with a jagged, molten center I saw it fine no one is excused from the bashing chef Ramsey. 30 minutes. tom's going home tonight, Yah? the cruelty/spotter! another flooth foiled ~ aye the captain pullz another "rotten touthe" lol dildo nemo lube lol boss vita says he's converting to catholsizm er sumething aye the SYNergy is vast and well/spoken on Certain SYNapses 646 stick around I have a few pamphlets to show you... it's true 646 small minds aren't very intelligent and often get things "wrong" 646 nemo junky mom ouch dumbass jockey puckey plunkets laughing is one thing I learned from 646 haha nemo lol 10 minutes. Ramsey. tom's getting the boot. pray with me 646 646 I want you to get to know Jesus 646 if you're gay too Jesus loves you the same tengu ps "ssshhhh..." chip munks & david Seville 518 I know the goo goo gals spy kids theme every word of it not this ho gotta go.
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