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Alice's Party



Chapter 1:

Alice Wilson, stuck her hand inside the   pumpkin head

"Yummy!" She happily cried.

 As she pulled out a handful of pumpkin seeds out of it.

 Then tossed them onto the newspaper that was spread across the kitchen table

"Having fun feeling up that pumpkin. Huh, Al?" Her best friend

Wendy Cole smirked. Alice was about to answer her.

 When her other friend Sally Thomas, walked into the kitchen

"Hey guys, sorry I'm late.

But we had an emergency at work,"

"Let me guess. Tweedy tried to run away again?" Wendy laughed

"Oh, that was so-so funny!" Sally frowned before she took off her


"I can't believe that you're carving those pumpkins already.

Your party isn't for two more weeks," She added

"Well, you can never be too prepared," Alice laughed.


 And before either of them could answer her back, a large creature walked

Inside the kitchen. It then raised its paws to its head and pulled it off

"Hey!" Coz!" Scared ya?" Alice's Cousin Lori Huston, smiled.

 It took


Alice a few seconds for her heart to stop pounding, inside her chest

"Lori, you little snot!"

 You nearly gave me a heart attack, where did you get that stupid

Costume from?" Alice snapped


 "Upstairs in the attic" Lori answered her.

 Then glanced up at the kitchen clock and asked Alice

 "Can I borrow your car? "

"You're not serious?

" Not even if your life depended on it!"

Alice sneered pointing the knife in her direction

Lori started to leave when Wendy blocked her path

"Move Wendy, why are you looking at me like that?" Lori frowned.

   And before Wendy could answer her back. Alice tackled her down to the floor

"What the hell is your problem Al!" Get off of me!" Lori yelled.

 As she tried to pull herself up


 You're my problem!" But not for very long!" Alice laughed

As she raised the knife high above her head

"Alice! What the--." Sally began trying to get the off away from Alice


Cracking up Alice suddenly dropped the knife on the floor.

And rolled off Lori

"Oh, nice going Sal, you just ruined the whole thing!" Wendy smirked.

Before she walked over to the kitchen counter,

 and pulled out a tiny video camera.

 That was hidden next to the cookie jar

"What the hell is going on?"

 Lori demanded brushing the hair out of her eyes.

 "Don't tell me this was just all a joke?"

"Of course it was stupid; you really didn't think that Alice was going to stab you."

 Did you?"

"You should've seen the look on your face. It was priceless!" Wendy laughed

"You two are sick!" Lori cried before storming out of the room

"Hey Lori!" If you still want to borrow my car?"

 The keys are on top of the front hall table!" Alice yelled after her


"Okay, what was that all about?" Sally frowned

"Well, you know that writing assignment that's due next week?"

Alice began

"Yah, what about it?" Sally shrugged

"Well, we thought it'd be more exciting to make a movie.

Instead of just writing some boring paper"

"And who knows maybe Miss Lakes, will give us extra credit or something?

" Alice shrugged

"Sounds great, but why didn't you tell me about it?" Sally asked

"We were. But when Lori, walked in wearing that stupid costume.

 I couldn't help it" Alice answered her. "Any way it's going to be a

Murder mystery and my lovely cousin.  Is going to be the victim"

"But I was thinking of adding a twist to it.

 Something cleaver like you think you know who the killer is,"


"But it turns out to be someone completely different.

 I got the whole script written in my notebook upstairs" I'll be right back,"


Alice was half way to her room when she noticed. That her bedroom light was on

"That's strange. I don't remember leaving my light on,"

 She thought to herself.

 She made her way down the narrow hallway towards her room.

 When she walked into the room she uttered a loud gasped of disbelief

Blood had been smeared all over her walls. Alice felt a surge of dizziness

As her eyes went in and out of focus, when they cleared she noticed that the dark blood.

Spelled out some kind of weird message

Gripping to her door knob with both hands.

 She read the words out in a low whispered



Chapter 2:

"So what happened when your parents got home?" Wendy asked

Alice. Before taking a bite out of her ice cream cone

"Did they freak?"

"Freak isn't the word! They wanted to call the cops,"

 Alice sighed pushing her ice cream plate away

"But didn't you tell them that you thought Lori, did it.

 As paybacks for what we did to her?" Wendy munched

"I tried. But of course they didn't believe me, they even took her side."

 And asked where she'd get all that blood from?" Alice answered her

"You mean it was real blood?" Wendy frowned

"Yep." Is she sick or what?" Alice shrugged

"Beyond sick if you ask me. Why would she do something like that?"

 Wendy asked

"Who knows?"

 Maybe the stress of her parents' divorce is making her go nuts or something?"

 Alice answered.


 It took Alice a few seconds to

Realize that Wendy wasn't listening to her. She was staring over her shoulder

Alice turned her head to see what she was staring at.

 There in the far corner booth sat a very cozy couple. Sharing an ice cream soda

"Oh, great!" Alice mumbled to herself. When she saw who the couple was

It was her cousin Lori and Wendy's boyfriend Joe

"Al, you better get me out of here.

 Before I go over there and pour that soda"

Over their head!" Wendy sneered


The next night they were hanging out in Alice's room

"So where's your lovely cousin tonight?" Wendy smirked

"I've no clue; I hardly talk to her anymore?" Alice shrugged.

Wendy was about to answer her back, when a voice interrupted

"Hey guys!"

It took them a moment to realize that the voice was.

 Coming from the air vent

"Hey Al, did you know that you can stand under the air vent downstairs.

 And hear every word you're saying in here?" Sally told


As soon as she walked into her room

"It was a good thing that you guys, weren't talking about me,"

 She added smiling

"Gee, that's funny! We were just about to start!" Wendy laughed


So are we ready to kill Lori," Sally asked jumping on Alice's bed

"I know I am!" Wendy cried out happily

"Holding on, let me get my notebook," Alice told them.

Walking over to her desk

"We've to get serious about this thing; we only have one more week before."

 We've to turn it in," She added

"Okay, so how does the little bimbo get it?" Wendy asked

"So far we all agreed. It's going to take place in a Halloween party

Lori's going as a gorilla, Sally's a monk, and I'm going to be a clown,"

 Alice turned to Wendy and asked

"What are you going to be?"

"A sexy bum," Wendy replied with a big grin on her face

"It figures," Alice smirked.

"Okay, so who gets to whack the little slut?"

"It should be some that you'd never suspect," Sally answered

"Well, then I guess.

 That's you Sal, since both Wendy and I've good

Reasons for wanting to kill her.

" But for some strange reason you seem to like her,"

 Alice shrugged

"And we should make it tricky something like.

 The killer tricks one of us to switch costumes with them,"

 Wendy added

Why?" Sally frowned

"Well, since everyone at the party knows what we're wearing.

When the killer stabs Lori, dressed as that person,"

"They'll just assume it was that person.

 No one would know that they switched costumes," Wendy explained

"Not bad you guys, now all we've to do is film it," Alice smiled.

 Then walked them to the front door


Chapter 3:


The next day


"I can't believe that your parents took her side again?"

Wendy asked.

 "How long is she going to stay with you guys, anyway?"

"Who the hell knows? And who the hell cares!"

 Alice cried out. Slamming her fist on the table

"Whoa! Calm down Al, you're letting her get to you.

That's probably what she wants for you to do," Sally added

"Sal, why's it---," Wendy's voice trailed off.


 Both Alice and Sally followed her stare and noticed what had grabbed her attention

Lori had entered the lunch room with Joe by her side.

 His arm was around her shoulder and her head was snuggled against his chest.

 As they walked towards the food line

"Aww!" What a lovely couple," Alice thought to herself sarcastically

"You know our fake murder plot to kill the slut?"

 I say we make it a reality!" Wendy mumbled angrily.

Breaking the silence between them.


 Later that night


The girls just finished sharing peanut butter and jelly sandwiches.

 And now were hanging out in Alice's room

"So, were you serious about what you said in lunch today?" Sally asked Wendy

"You damn right I was!" Wendy smirked narrowing her eyes

"Oh wow!" Alice laughed.

 "And the best part is that we already have-,"

"Oh, yah right!" Like that's really going to work!"

 Sally interrupted smirking

"Of course it'll. Why wouldn't it?" It'll be the perfect murder

Wendy answered her


Sally just stared at both of them like they were crazy

"Sal, please stop staring at us like that. You're freaking me out,"

Wendy frowned

"Me?" Staring at you is freaking you out?"

 But planning to kill someone using some stupid make believe murder plot"


 Sally frowned back

"Whatever Sal, just cut it out okay?" Now all we've to do is-,"

"There's just one problem with your plans," Sally interrupted again 

 "What?" Alice asked

"I'm not going through with it!" Sally cried out. Jumping up from Alice's bed

"You gotta to be kidding. Come on Sal," --- Alice began

"No!" Don't try to talk me into doing it because I just won't!"

I promise not to tell but I just can't kill someone just because you guys don't like them!"

 Sally continued. Then ran out of Alice's room


 Before any of them could stop her

"Gee, what a cry baby!" Wendy joked

"Yah, I just hope that she keeps her promise and keeps her mouth shut"

 I don't want anything to ruin our plans," Alice laughed


And as they continued planning for Alice's party.

 A figured stood very still next to the air vent listening to what was being said.


Chapter 4:

A few hours later


"What do you want?" Alice asked frowning.

When she noticed that her cousin, was standing in front of her door way.

 Lori just stared at her then softly mumbled

"We've to talk"

"About what?" Alice asked. Lori just continued staring

"Well Lori, are you going to talk or just stare at me to death?" Alice smirked

"Have I really been so hatefully that you'd want to kill me?" Lori sobbed

"Oh great!" Sally opened her freaking mouth and told her!"

Alice angrily thought to herself

"Umm Lori, it's not what you think we-,"

"I didn't mean to act like such a bitch!" Lori interrupted.


 Alice walked over to her dresser and handed Lori, a box of tissues.

 Then sat back down on her bed

"I really wanted for us to be friends,"

 Lori whispered while trying to hold back her tears

"I didn't mean for any of this to happen. I'm just so upset about my parent's divorce"

"Not knowing what's going to happen next.

 And let's face it you weren't so thrilled about me living here,"

"That's not true--," Alice began

"Yah, it's," Lori interrupted.

"I guess I just wanted to prove that I didn't care if you did or not,"

"I'm so sorry Al, I really am. Can we please just start over?"


Alice went over towards Lori and gave her a big hug.

 And when they broke apart Alice thought to herself smiling

"What a shame that I've to go ahead with my plans,"


Chapter 5:


The night of Alice's party


"What an ugly mob!" Alice laughed

"They'll look better once they're lite up. Where are you going to put them?"

 Lori asked.

Staring at the six jack o lanterns, that were all lined up across the kitchen table

"Around the living room I'm going to turn off all the lights.

 So the only lights will be coming from the pumpkins," Alice answered. Then

After quickly arranged them. They went upstairs to get themselves ready


The party guest began arriving a little after seven.

 And by eight the dim living room was filled.

 With the sweet aroma of hot cider and masked kids, dressed in funny costumes

The music pounded from the stereo

. As the gorilla went around the room carrying a tray of hot dogs


Half an hour later the air in the room became stiffer.

 As the candles inside the pumpkins began to fade

Serving the last hot dog, the gorilla sat near the corner wall.

 No one paid attention as a person wearing a hockey mask.

 Sneaked up besides the gorilla.

 No one saw the gleam of the knife in its paw as it stabbed the gorilla right in its chest


Everyone was having a good time. Until a loud scream rang out

A big nosed witch was yelling while pointing.

 To a dark puddle that looked like blood.

 Beneath the gorilla's chair. Seconds later more screams filled the room

"Okay Lori, ha-ha! Very funny!" You got us!" Someone yelled out.

 A clown made its way through the crowd.

 And began shaking the gorilla by its shoulders

"I don't think it's a joke," The clown announced to the room.

 As it removed the gorilla's mask and revealed

"Alice?" Quick someone call 911!"


 The clown cried ripping off her mask


And before she could reply.

 A dark robbed monk made its way through the room and cried out

"You killed her!"

"What are you crazy? I didn't kill anybody!" Wendy cried back

"What the hell is going on?" Is this why she asked me to change costumes?"

 So you guys can play another of your stupid jokes!" Lori scowled them

"Wendy, idiot! You thought you stabbed Lori, but instead you just killed your best friend!"

 Sally yelled at her

"No, I didn't!"

"Stop it!" Lori cried. Stepping in between them

Wendy narrowed her eyes and frowned

  "It was you. Wasn't it?" You did it!"   "What?"

"Admit it Lori, you stabbed her!"

"I didn't stab anyone Wendy!" Lori snapped.

 "You were the ones who were plotting to kill me remember!"

"I found out all about your stupid murder plot!"

 But you stupid losers messed up and killed the wrong girl!"

And before any of them could answer Alice sprung up from the chair.

And yelled

"Sorry folks, but this party is over!"

The room filled with startled cries of confusion.

 As they all suddenly realized that it was all fake.

 Ignoring everyone's outburst Alice grabbed Lori's arm and whispered in her ear

"Get everyone out of here okay?"


Alice made her way inside the kitchen followed by Wendy and Sally

"Okay, I want to know right now. Which one of you just tried to kill me?"

And before either of them could answer her Alice leaned forward.

And grabbed the front of Sally's monk costume and ripped it open

"I guess we found the---,"

Sally pulled away angrily from her grip

"I stabbed you Al, why aren't you dead?" She sneered

"I put in a double thick inner pad inside the gorilla suit Sal, we knew it was you all this time,"

 Alice answered her.

 And before Sally could answer her Lori walked into the kitchen

"Everyone is gone. Why Sally?

 I knew that we weren't close but why did you want to try and kill me?" Lori asked

"I knew it wasn't you inside the gorilla suit-,"

"What?" You knew it was Alice, why did you want to stab your friend?"

 Lori interrupted in a confused tone of voice


 What kind of friend deserts you when I needed her the most?

 When my parents were fighting over me in the courts?" Sally asked angrily

"Some friend. She just turned her back on me and showed me, what a stuck up bitch!

 She really is!"

"And she's trying to do the same thing to you Lori, her own freaking cousin!

 And you've the nerve to ask me why?"

"Sally, I never-,"

"Oh, shut up!

And save your phony apologies! But you want to hear something funny?

 I never meant to stab you Al; I just wanted you to feel what it was like"

"To feel so scared that you didn't know what to do.

So lonely that all you wanted to do is cry" you were the ones who gave me the idea,"

 Sally interrupted

"But Sal, we just wanted you to believe all this.

We were never going to hurt Lori, she was in on it this whole time," Alice mumbled.

And before she could continue Sally just shoved her hard against the counter then ran out of the kitchen


They ran after her

"Sally, please wait!" Alice cried out. But Sally was already half across the living room

She opened the front door and was about to leave when two police officers cut her off

"Did someone call 911?"


Chapter 6:


Later that night


"I feel so bad," Alice sobbed."

 I had no idea that she had so much anger towards me,"

"I didn't know what to say when her folks were fighting"

 and every time I did try she'd just say it was okay"

"That she was fine. How was I supposed to know that she wasn't?"

"Don't blame yourself Al, I just hope that she'll get the help that she needs,"

 Lori answered her

"Yah, great party huh?" Alice sighed.

Lori walked over to her cousin and gave her a big supportive hug.

Then laughed

"It was the best. I can't wait to see what you've plan for next years!"

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