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Night of the Dead




Chapter One:

"You're still mad huh?"

Vicky Huston let those words hang between them for a few minutes.

 Before she answered her father back

"I just can't believe that you made this discussion without talking with me first.

 Whatever happened to your golden family rule?

"Every big family discussion must be talked over between the two of us, not one alone,"

 Vicky smirked as she stared out the car window

"Did I ever tell you how mature you look when you get majorly upset?"

 Her father answered her back with a big smile on his face.

 Vicky turned her head and just gave him the 

You think you're so funny look

"Sorry, but I thought you liked your Aunt Sally and Crystal?"

 He added

 "I do. Expect maybe for Crystal, at times she's well--," Vicky began

 "She's what?" Her father asked


Vicky's dad just busted out laughing

"Weird, huh?"

"Yah, she always has this look that gives me the creeps," Vicky frowned

"And what kina of look is that?" He asked

"The one in where she can't make up her mind whether

She wants to laugh or be disgusted,"

 Vicky explained

"Oh!" That look!" Her dad laughed.

 Vicky was about to answer him when she was abruptly cut off. As the car came to a stop

"Gee dad, great driving," She smirked.

 Ignoring her smart comment Vicky's dad just pointed out the window "There it is!"


Vicky grabbed onto the dashboard and stared at the old house.

Taking a deep breath, she thought to herself

"Oh great!" I'm moving into Freddy Cougar's swamp house

Vicky's dad parked the car into the driveway and blew the horn.

 His sister Sally came running out of the front door with a big smile on her face

Then after giving them a big welcoming hug she asked Vicky

"So what do you think?"

Vicky looked around then shrugged

"I know," Her aunt smiled.

"It still needs a lot of work. But it has a homey feeling to it,"

"Yah, if you're Steven King," Vicky mumbled.

 She glanced up and noticed that her cousin Crystal was walking over towards them

"Crystal, why don't you show Vicky, her new room is going to be," Her aunt smiled.

"Of course if you don't like it. There're plenty to pick from," She added

"I'm sure it'll be fine Aunt Sally," Vicky mumbled.

 Crystal gave her a small wink then led her inside the house


"Half the lights don't work.

It's one of the little problems that you'll have to get used to living here."

Crystal explained as they walked upstairs

"One of? How many are they?" Vicky frowned

"How does having only one bathroom strike you?" Crystal smiled

"You're kidding right?" Vicky groaned

"I wish I was. It's at the end of the all,"

 Crystal answered her.

 "Well here we're. I let you start unpacking I'll see you a bit later."

 She added before she left Vicky's room


"Home sweet home," Vicky sighed as she started to put her stuff away.

 She was about to change her cloths.

 When something blocked the light that was coming from the hallway

Vicky quickly turned around and found that Crystal was standing right behind her

"Don't you ever do that again!" Vicky snapped

"Sorry, I thought you heard me come in." Crystal shrugged

"No I didn't.

What are you any way part ghost what did you want Crystal?"

 Vicky frowned

"Well someone's grumpy!" Crystal laughed.

"Anyways I thought that you'd like a snack before going to bed or whatever."

Vicky was about to answer her back when the phone interrupted her


Chapter Two:



"Trick or treat!" Take a look out the window,"

 A deep voice whispered.

 Vicky dropped the phone and ran over towards the window and screamed

When she saw what looked like a man hanging from the back yard tree

"What's the matter?" Crystal asked before she joined her at the window then asked

"The scarecrow? Is that why you screamed like that?"

"Scarecrow?" Vicky frowned

"Yah, the one that was by the woodshed someone went through a lot of trouble.

 Just to play a stupid joke," Crystal also frowned. "Who was on the phone?"

"I don't know a man I think," Vicky shrugged.

"He told me to look out the window, then trick or treat,"

"Trick or treat?" Crystal asked

"Yes Crystal, trick or treat!" Vicky smirked

"Okay, don't worry I'll get rid of it in the morning.

 And if the phone rings again just let the machine get it, come on we better get some sleep" "We've a big day tomorrow."

 Crystal told her 


Chapter Three:


Putting on her jeans and a sweatshirt Vicky followed the smell of bacon towards the kitchen

"Good morning!" Vicky's aunt smiled before she placed the toast inside the toaster

"Did you sleep well?"

"Umm, yes," Vicky answered. She peeked out the window to the back yard

"Good, well breakfast is almost ready can you please let Crystal know.

 She's in the backyard," Sally asked her

"Sure," Vicky smiled then walked out the screen door


"Thanks, for not saying anything about last night," Vicky told Crystal

"No, problem I really didn't want to hear my mom freaking out this morning anyway!"


 Crystal laughed

"Oh, and speaking of your mom.

 She wanted me to come get you breakfast's ready."

Vicky stated

 The moving van arrived shortly after three and for the rest of the afternoon.

 Vicky was too busy carrying and unpacking boxes to worry about anything


"So what's the verdict? You think you can stick around for a while?"

 Crystal asked Vicky smiling as she sat on Vicky's bed

"Do I've any other choice," Vicky sighed.

 Crystal was about to answer her back when Vicky's dad walked into her room

"Oh, good you're both here. I've a bit of news I'd like to share with you both."

 He told them


Chapter Four:


"You're not taking this very well are you?" Crystal asked Vicky as she drove them to school.

 Vicky leaned her head back against the front seat and closed her eyes

"I can't believe that they've to go out of town to settle your dad's business affairs.

 I thought the lawyers took care of all that stuff," Vicky frowned

"So did I. just think of this way think that they're going on a vacation," Crystal smiled

"Going on vacation?" Vicky smirked

"Yah, one from my mom's bad cooking and your dad's corny jokes!"

 Crystal laughed.

Vicky stared at her for a moment then started laughing with her


"Are you sure that you don't want me to go with you the main office?" Crystal asked her

"No, thanks. I'll be fine,"

"Okay, then I'll meet you back after school. Good luck!"

 Crystal cried out to her before

she hurried to the brick building and disappeared into the crowds of kids

who were outside waiting for the morning bell to ring


Vicky took a deep breath before she walked into the school.

 She walked down a wide noisy hallway towards the main office

And after her first class Vicky wished that her first day of school was her last.

 She was so depressed that she didn't even noticed that there was a young girl leaning against the locker next to hers


Chapter Five:


"Hi, I'm Kelly Cloud," 

"Hi, I'm Vicky Huston,"

"I know we're in the same English class.

 I tried to get your attention but you were a million miles away"

 Tough day huh," Kelly asked her

"The worst!"

Vicky cried out as she started to put her books away into her locker.

"It made me even miss my cousin," She added with a little smirk on her face

"I guess that is bad, who's your cousin anyways?" Kelly asked her shrugging

"Crystal Black," Vicky answered her.

 And before Kelly could reply a boy came out of nowhere and joined them

"Hey Kiel!" Who's your new friend?" He smiled

"Bo, this Vicky Huston, she just moved here and guess what?"

 Vicky's Crystal Black cousin!" Kelly laughed

"Oh wow!" Wait until Ted, finds out this info he's going to flip out!"

 Bo busted out laughing

"Huh? Whose Ted?" Vicky shyly asked

"Oh, he's the love of your cousin's life!"

 Only she doesn't know it yet," Bo cried out


"She doesn't know that Ted's alive.

 So I see that you survived your first day,"

 Bo told her."

 Well I guess we'll see you later, come on Kiel, we don't want to be late."

 He added

"I'll be there in a minute.

 He's right you know she probably doesn't know that

Ted's alive

" Just like she probably doesn't know that there was a murder that happened inside your house" Everyone around here knows that house is evil,"

 Kelly explained before she ran off to meet Bo


Chapter Six:


"Our house's evil?" Crystal frowned after hearing Vicky repeat what Kelly told her

"That's what she said. She also said that everyone knows about it," Vicky sighed

"Well not everyone we didn't.

 So what happened in our happy home that makes it evil?

 Crystal asked

"I don't know. Maybe whoever murder was evil who knows and who cares!"

 I really don't want to talk about it anymore!" Vicky frowned


A few minutes later Vicky went into the kitchen to get some water.

When she noticed from looking out the window that Crystal was walking into the woods I wonder where is she going?

Vicky walked out the kitchen door and headed towards the woods

"Hey Crystal! Where are you?"

 She cried out as she walked deeper into the woods

"Vicky?" I'm over here!" Check it out," Crystal yelled.

 Vicky got a creepy feeling when she cut through the trees and saw an abounded graveyard staring back at her.

 She jumped a little when she felt a cold hand touch her shoulder


 The people who used to live in our house must've been pretty important to have a whole cemetery for themselves."

 Crystal told her. She was about to

touch one of the tomb stone

When a cold breeze swept through her body

"Did you just feel that?" She asked Vicky

"No, let's just go back okay?" Vicky mumbled


Soon afterwards they were in the living room

"It's just getting worst and worst!" Vicky yelled out

"What is?" Crystal suddenly frowned

"Everything! This house, school, and now you!"

 I knew that you were always weird, but what the hell happened to you out there?

You looked like you were in

a trance or something," Vicky answered.

 Crystal just looked at her funny before she answered back 

"Now that you got it all out I hope you feel better.

 Cause I've no idea what you're blabbing about,"

"Of course you don't. How about ordering a pizza my treat," Vicky sighed

"I've a better idea. Let's go out to eat,"

 Crystal smiled as she grabbed her car keys off the kitchen counter.


 A few minutes later they were sitting at the local pizza hut sharing an extra-large cheese pizza 


 Maybe we should save a slice for the spirits who live in our newly found out evil house!"

 Crystal laughed.

 Vicky almost chocked on her slice when a friendly voice interrupted her respond


Chapter Seven:   


"Hey Bo!" Would you like to join us?" Vicky shyly asked him.

 And after talking for a while about school and other things Crystal asked Bo

"Bo, your sister told Vicky today that someone was murdered in our house.

 Do you know anything about it?"

"You mean you guys, really don't know what happened there?" Bo frowned

"No, if we did why would I be asking you about it?" Crystal frowned back.

 Bo leaned back in his chair and sighed

"Jill Brown and Kelly, were the best of friends. They did everything together.

 And since Jill's parents, were always off on a business trip it was the perfect friendship"

"It was Kelly, who actually found Jill that night," Bo began explaining

"" Oh wow!" Vicky cried out. Bo just nodded then continued

"And I don't care what anyone says. I know that bastard David was the one who did it!"

"Whoa!" Whose David?" And why would he want to kill Jill?" Crystal frowned

"David Wilson, Jill's ex-boyfriend.

 He made her life a living hell after they broke up

" He'd prank call her, stalker her, and some other weird stuff,"

"He sounds like a real prince did she ever tell the police or her parents about him?" Crystal asked

"No, because she never took him seriously she just thought it was a big joke.

 Any way the night of the Halloween dance, no one knows what really happened or why she ended leaving with him"

"Kelly got really worried when she didn't return. So she went to her house to look for her"

 She says that she doesn't remember what happened after that.

 I guess she blocked it all out of her brain"

"The next day the police found David's car by the river behind Jill's house.

There was a bloody knife underneath the front seat" The police called it a murder-

suicide but the weird thing is they never did find his body," Bo continued


On the way home Crystal turned to Vicky and asked

"Do you really believe that David kill her?"

"Of course, he did! He was nuts!" Vicky cried out.

 "And you're nuts if you think that I'm going to spend another night in my room.

 After hearing that she was killed there!"

"You don't have to I'll switch rooms with you," Crystal answered

"You will?"

"Yes Vic, I know that you think I'm weird.

But even us weirdoes have our moments of kindness," Crystal laughed


Chapter Eight:


The next afternoon Vicky walked into Crystal's room and announced

"I'm never going back to school again!"

Crystal lowered the corner of the newspaper that she was reading.

 And raised her eyebrow

"And the reason you're not would be why again?"

"Oh, you mean besides living in a house in where a girl was murder by her deranged ex-boyfriend.

 Now I just found out by Kelly that I could be Jill's twin!"

No wonder everyone's looking at me with scared funny looks on their faces,"

 Vicky cried out

"Are you done with the poor pity me act?" Crystal smiled.

 "First of all, you don't know if he did it or not. Or even if he was deranged enough to do it."

 Second, if

you'd stop walking around like someone just killed your puppy. They'd probably

stop looking at you funny"

 And third, just because you look like her doesn't mean that you've to be her,"

"When did you become a -believes she knows it all shrink?" Vicky smirked.

 Crystal only laughed 

"God, I hate you!" Vicky cried she was about to leave the room.

When Crystal grabbed her arm and asked


" Did you know that there was a secret passageway from your old closet to the living room?" 


"Listen, I know that you hate everyone for making you move here. But I think it's time that we've a serious talk about what's going on around here," Crystal frowned. Vicky sat on her bed and sighed

"Kelly, also told me that Bo used to go out with Jill, right after she broke up with David,"

"I'm sure Bo, went out with half the girls in our school," Crystal smirked

"Very funny," Vicky smirked back

"Okay, okay, sorry but I just get a very strange feeling," Crystal began

"What kina of strange feeling?" Vicky interrupted frowning

"The kind like this house is trying to tell us something.

 Who knows maybe the house is really is haunted" And before you start freaking out"

"It might be.

 But not by the kina of ghost that people believe it is.

 But with some other kind," Crystal answered her back also frowning


Chapter Nine:


The next day Vicky, Ted and Kelly were talking by the school parking lot. When Crystal walked up to them

"Hey guys! What you up to?"

"I was just about to ask Vicky if we could go to her house."

 Kelly smiled.

 They all stared back at her with surprise looks on their faces "What?" Kelly shrugged


An hour later they were all sitting around the kitchen table drinking hot chocolate

 "So I heard that Bo, asked you to the Halloween dance," Kelly told Vicky

"Yah, maybe you and your date can ride with us?" Vicky smiled

"Oh no, I've to be there early and help set up," Kelly answered.

 "Who are you going with Ted?"

"Me," Crystal answered for him

"You? Since when?" Vicky frowned

"Since now." Crystal smirked.

 And before Vicky could answer back Kelly got up from her chair stared out the screen door and sighed

"I wish I could remember everything that happened that night

"What do you remember?" Crystal asked her

"How happy and what a good time we were having.

 How at one point she was making fun of what was going on between David and her"

That she made soda come out of my nose from laughing so hard," Kelly sadly smiled.

 "I didn't even

know that David, was there until I saw them walking out towards the parking lot,"

"And you just let her leave with him without telling anybody!"

 Ted cried out. Kelly nodded before she continued

"But why?" Ted asked

"Because she made me promise not to say anything.

 She told me that she'd be right back, that they were only taking a ride to talk things out"

 How would I know that this would have been the last time I'd ever see her!" Kelly cried out

"Oh nice going Ted, it's okay Kelly, nobody's blaming you. What happened next?"

Vicky told her

"After waiting for hour or so I started to get worried and told Bo, what happened.

 He kept yelling at me why I didn't stop her--."

"When we got there Bo, jumped out of the car before I could even park," Ted added.

"He started pounding on the door like a mad-man for her to open the


"But when she didn't that's when he really went nuts.

 Bo, picked up a rock and just threw it through the window."

Kelly finished for him. "That's when I ran upstairs and into her room-

"I can't remember!" I can't remember!"


Chapter Ten:


The next night Crystal and Vicky were getting ready for the dance

"I still can't believe that you're going with Ted, Bo told me that you didn't even know he was alive." Vicky told her

"Well he's kina of cute, maybe I was just waiting for the perfect moment.

So he could ask me out." Crystal shrugged.

 Vicky just stared at her with a strange look on her face

"I know; I know you think I'm weird!" Crystal laughed

"Do you really think that Kelly, couldn't remember last night?" Vicky asked 

"For the billion time I don't know. You saw how freaked out she got I don't think pushing her to remember" Was going to help her any." Crystal answered her back

"But tonight is Halloween what if David still alive and hiding some place? What if he comes after me thinking that Jill, is still alive!" Vicky cried out

"Oh please Vic, give me a serious break. He's not Michael Myers." Crystal smirked

 "Now what?" She added noticing that Vicky gave her another strange look

"I knew it!"

"You knew what?" Crystal frowned

"I know the real reason why you're going tonight with Ted," Vicky smirked

"Great Nancy Drew!"

 Now if you excuse me I'm going to wait for you downstairs."

 Crystal smirked back.

 And before she could walk out of the room. Vicky blocked her way

"Oh no! You're worried that something bad is going to happen. Just admit it!"

Vicky told her. Crystal threw her arms in the air and sighed

 "Okay, okay you're right!" Happy now?"


A few minutes later they were all trying to fit inside of Ted's truck

"Howdy cow girl!" Ted said with a big smile of his face

"Oh look Bo, don't they look so cute together." Vicky grinned.

 Crystal just looked over at Vicky with a drop dead stared then asked Bo

"What are you supposed to be?"

"Death" He answered back with a big smile on his face then asked Vicky

"So are you a good witch or a bad one?"

"You'll just have to wait and find out!" Vicky laughed


Chapter Eleven:


Minutes later they were sitting at their table inside the school gym.

 Laughing and goofing with another when Kelly walked over to them

"Hey Kiel!" Grab a chair where's your custom?" Vicky asked her

"I didn't have time; I've been stuck here all day setting things up for the stupid dance.

 I can't wait until Halloween is over!" Kelly protested

"What's with her?" Crystal asked after Kelly walked away 

"Oh, who cares! Come on let's hit the dance floor!" Ted answered her smiling


After hours of non-stop dancing Vicky told Bo that she'd meet him back at their table.

 She was about to walk into the rest room when she bumped into Kelly

 "Oh sorry Kiel, I didn't see you standing there. What's the matter you look white as a ghost?"

"It's going to happen again I just saw him spying on you."

 Kelly mumbled

 "You just saw who?" Vicky frowned


The blood froze in Vicky's veins as she asked

"Are you sure?"

"Yes, I was fixing the candy tray when I looked up. He was just standing there staring and when he realizes that I had seen him"

 He just disappeared into the crowed." Kelly explained

"Okay we need to find the others and leave." Vicky told her

"I'm going to be sick." Kelly mumbled

"Oh great!" Vicky thought to herself.

 "Okay, go to the bathroom and put yourself together while I go find the others.

 Then we'll leave we'll meet you outside."


She found Crystal standing by the punch bowl

"Whoa Vic!" Where's the fire?" Crystal asked her smiling

"We've to get out of here right now Crystal!"

"What? Why?" Crystal frowned.

 Vicky was about to answer her when Ted and Bo, walked up to them

"Hey! We just saw Kelly, running out of here like she just saw a ghost," Ted told them

"Shit!" I told her to wait for us, we really need to leave like now!" Vicky yelled out

"Vicky, calm down and tell us what's going on?" Bo frowned

"David! He didn't die like everyone thought he did.

 He's the one who has been prank calling me.

 He thinks that I'm Jill, and is going to try to kill me!"

Vicky cried

out. Bo just stared at her like she was crazy

"Can we please just go? Please!" Vicky sighed


Chapter Twelve:


A couple minutes later Vicky ran inside her house yelling for Kelly


"Okay, let's split up Ted and I'll checkup stairs and you guys check down here,"

 Crystal told them.


 Minutes later Vicky grabbed Bo by the arm when she heard someone screaming upstairs

"I really hope that was Crystal screaming because the lights went out," Vicky whispered over to him

"Nah! That sounded more like Ted!" Bo laughed.

 Vicky was about to answer him back when a wicked laugh came out of nowhere.

 Bo covered Vicky's mouth before she could scream

"If you scream you'll let them know where we're," He whispered into her ear.

"Follow me I know where there's a secret passageway out of here," He added.

 Once they were inside the secret tunnel behind the book case Vicky turned to Bo and told him

"Bo, I'm so sorry,"

"Huh?" Sorry about what?" Bo shrugged

"Forgetting you into this mess," Vicky sobbed

"Hey, hey you sound like we're not going to get out of here alive," Bo smiled

"No, and you don't either," Vicky answered him

"Ha!" you don't know me very well do you? I hate to lose."

 Bo laughed. Then after brushing away her tears he added

"We're going to get out of this okay?"

Vicky only nodded

"That's my girl," He smiled.

 And after what seemed like hours Bo suddenly stopped walking


"Just trust me, we're outside by the graveyard," Bo began

"Okay, so?" Vicky interrupted by trying to look pass his shoulder

"No, don't look!" Bo told her. And before Vicky could ask him why


A dark masked figured sneaked up from behind

"Bo!" Watch out!" Vicky yelled out. But it was too late the figure plunged the knife into Bo's back. Then it looked straight into Vicky's eyes and smiled

"You see what you just made me do?" This is all your fault!"

"Why can't you see that I'm not Jill! She's dead!" Vicky yelled. And before the figure could answer the door to the trapped door flung open. Two bodies tackled the figure onto the ground and while Ted wrestled the knife away Crystal removed the mask off the figure


Chapter Thirteen:


"Crystal, Bo--." Vicky sobbed

Kneeling down beside him Crystal answered her

"Is going to be fine, here hold this against his wounds okay."

 Then handed Vicky a ripped piece from her costume

"You followed them that night didn't you?"

 She asked Kelly who was crawled up into a ball rocking herself back and forth

"Of course I did, I had to the calls weren't working.

 It would've been only a little time before they got back together,"

"What really happened that night?" Ted added.

Kelly gave him a dirty look before she answered back

"They didn't even notice that I was in the house.

So I made noises hoping that they'd think that someone was breaking in"

And when David came downstairs--,"

"You killed him," Ted finished for her sighing.


Kelly's expression grew dark as she nodded then continued

"Wrong, I only knocked him out.

Then I went into the kitchen, grabbed the biggest knife I could find and sneaked up to Jill's room" Through one of the secret passageways.

She was changing her cloths she never knew what or who hit her!"

"Then what did you do?" Crystal asked sighing

"I went downstairs and told David, that we could finally be together.

But he only looked at me as if I was crazy!"

"Me!" After all I did for him!"

He called me crazy he was going to call the cops.

 If only the little bitch would've just gotten the hint and backed off"

He would've gotten over her and be with me!"

"He would've finally been able to love me not that slut Jill!

It was all her fault that he got hurt, she left me no choice she's the crazy one not me!"

 Kelly yelled


Chapter Fourteen:


Vicky's eyes widen with fear when Kelly suddenly jumped to her feet.

 Ted slowly stepped in front of her, who just gave him a confused look then sat back down

 "Anyway, after I dumped David's car I had to hide his body- "

 "Inside the graveyard," Crystal finished for her

"That's right!" Kelly cried out happily

"When we couldn't find you guys, I called the cops then Ted, told me about the secret passageway" which led us out here," Crystal continued. Vicky was about to

ask her a question when two police officers walked over to them

"Are you going to take me away now?" Kelly asked them shyly.

 They all exchanged nervous glance with each other 

"It's okay miss, we're going to take you to a safe place," One of the officers answered her. Kelly sprang up so fast that no one had a chance to stop her.

 From slamming Vicky down to the ground

Who for a split second couldn't understand what just happened.

 One minute she was being attacked by Kelly and the next she was begin helped to her feet by her cousin

"Are you okay?" Crystal asked her with a worried look on her face

"Yah, I think so," Vicky mumbled.

 She could see Kelly was still fighting with the police

"Why did you have to come back! He's mines not yours!" Her mad shrikes faded into the night


Chapter Fifteen:


"I wonder where Crystal disappeared to?" Vicky thought to herself.

She suddenly felt an arm go around her shoulder

"Looking for me?" Crystal smiled. Vicky suddenly broke down and started to cry

"Hey, hey come on things are going to be perfect now.

You'll see and besides you can't fall apart now"

 We still have to go to the hospital and check on that wonderful new boyfriend of yours"

"And on the way there I definitely can't wait to hear what you've planned for next year's Halloween!" Crystal laughed



Copyright © belongs to Jack 2006 



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