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My Princess

I saw the photo of a beauty on a dating site. Something told me that I had to get to know her better. There was something different about her. There was that look in her eyes, her gorgeous eyes that I wanted to look deep into, trusting eyes that told me I wanted to get to know her better. I just had to sit down and write to her. There was just something about this young woman, the sunshine she radiated. There was something so unique that I have never witnessed before.


My moment came when I got a reply. I felt so happy. I got up and walked towards the window and saw the sun shining. It was the first time I'd noticed the sun shine so brightly through my window. That's how she was making me feel. As though everyday I would see the sushine coming in.

The pictures I saw of her were amazing, a gorgeous creature with the most amazing legs I have ever seen, the shapliest breasts imaginable, and the face of an angel. How much I wanted her.


She inspired me to write the most beautiful letters I could imagine. Words flowed with ease, as though someone was guiding me, as though someone above was watching over me.


Whatever the power, the day is coming that she will be mine. This pretty girl from the afar. The girl I could love so much. The girl who is to be the apple of my eye. She is my dream, my desire and all I need in a person. How fortunate I feel since this princess has coming into my life. The tenderness of her body, the feel of her deep inside. This beauty so near, yet so far away. Everytime I think of her I hear sweet music in my ears. I feel her close to me. It makes my heart beat faster. My pulse races through my body. The tenderness of her waiting for me. The smell of her sweetness. The tenderness of her skin against mine.


I have never been such a fortunate man. Maybe it has come later than I'd have expected, but this beauty has come to me and that is all that matters in this world.


Dreams do come true, so never give up. Never stop dreaming. It is such thoughts that turn into reality, making the impossible happen. Age does not matter, all that matters is that you never stop wishing and hoping . Be careful what you wish for! It is bound to come true. I do not lie. I know from experience.



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