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The Dog and The Cat Folk tale

There was once a dog. he was very lonely and had no one to talk to. He was walking home at night and saw a silhouette of a cat walking behind him. The cat got closer making him more frightened and scared. Whenever the dog went so did the cat. The dog finally had the courage to turn around.

“why are you following me?”

“Who are you?”  said the dog.

“sorry i’m just lonely and need a friend.”

she said.

“me too!” said the dog finally relieved to have someone feeling the same problem as him. But he looked at the cat staring up at him.  He thought to himself how could i be friends with a cat? Us dogs usually hate cats and so do cats.

“But we can’t be friends.” said the dog.

“Why not?” said the cat looking hurt

“Because dogs and cats don’t mix.”

“But we could be different.” said the cat looking very sad

The dog thought about it. and decided he was lonely and needed a friend.

“Ok we can be friends.” said the dog

“yay!” said the cat her pout turning into a smile

“ I have to go home it’s getting really late.” said the dog still unsure of this friendship.

when the dog said he had to go the cats smile dropped

“ You see,” said the cat her head dropping low.

“ I don’t have a home.”

The dog really felt bad for the cat because he was at her place once.

“ You can stay at mine. it’s not that big but it will fit us both” said the dog.

The two went to an alley where the dog went into a secret tunnel. After a minute of walking in the tunnel there was a small little area where there were dog food and a pillow to sleep in.

   In the middle of the night, the cat slowly walked over to the dog to check if he was asleep.

“Finally, I get to kill this dog!” said the cat whispering while yelling.

The dog heard some noise and woke up. He saw the cat already awake with a knife.

The cat turned around and the dog quickly acted like he was sleeping. The cat smiled mischievously and  went back to what she was doing. The dog secretly left through a hidden door he had for emergencies and quickly but quietly and carefully left without

having the cat notice. When the cat turned around finally he saw that the dog wasn’t


there. she looked around everywhere for the dog but hadn’t found the dog. the cat screamed and and left looking for another enemy to kill.

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