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June 25, 2030 the date that I would never forget. It was like any other day, sitting on the side of the road asking for a dollar. Some random man came up to me and gave me some heavy bag. Not knowing what was inside of it I opened, “MONEY WHAT?” It was filled with hundred dollar bills. I knew it was some type of prank or Tv show, so I asked him why did you hand me this. He said “Life as we know it is coming to an end.” He pulled out a gun and looked at me. I said to myself he was going to shoot me, my life is over. I closed my eyes, and saw my whole life flash before my eyes. It wasn’t that good of a life. As I was thinking about my horrible life this guy just got on his knees as if he was praying, a loud BANG blood everywhere. On my face and all over my clothe, it was like a someone dropped a bucket of red paint on me. I didn’t know what to do I had blood all over me and a bag full of this dead guy's money in my hand. I thought about running but it was like I was stuck to the ground. I was just standing there in front of a dead body doing nothing not knowing what to do. It was like my heart was pounding out of my chest all this fear and adrenaline coursing through my body. Then I heard sirens. I snapped out of it and ran. I got to this creepy dark alley, I stopped to catch my breath. Standing there with my mind blow that this guy handed me all of his money then just killed himself in front me. Pondering on why this would happen to me. I knew there was something bigger behind all of this.

I finally realized that man's blood was all over me, I found some shirt and whipped off all this. I’ve never seen so much blood before it was crazy.  As time went by I decided to stay there until the coast was clear. I hid the money then fell asleep behind this garbage can. I began to dream about how my life was before all of this. I was this successful scientist, I worked for the CDC, but they fired me after I found important information about this disease. They said it was all a joke, they thought I was some freak scientist that was going crazy. After they fired me I nonstop had began doing research on what I found. Since I didn’t work for the CDC and I could use their money I put all my life's savings into my research.

"FREEZE PUT YOUR HANDS UP." It was a squad team of police all pointing their guns at me. Then I knew it was tight. Suddenly, foam started to come out of the cops mouths, they all collapsed. It was like they all died. I didn’t take any chance so I grabbed the money and ran as far away as possible. I cut into the city it was all black there were no cars or people in sight, it was like the whole city shut down. I didn’t things didn’t look right so  I took a sharp left and went to this place I use to stay when I had nowhere to sleep. The doors were usually closed the only time they opened was when someone rang the doorbell. I wasn’t going to take any chances after all the weird things that have happened to me today. I grabbed a metal rod and tip toed inside. Carefully tip toeing down the hall I saw blood on the floor. I followed the blood puddles to a closed door. HELP HELP. Screams came from behind the door. I kicked it down. Dead bodies everywhere, it was like some type of horror scene. In the middle of it all  was some poor little girl kneeling over a dead body. I slowly walked up to her,  tapped her shoulder and said “Hey do you need help.” RAWR. What? that wasn’t a little girl it some unknown thing. It charged me. I didn’t know what to do so I hit it with the rod. The thing went down, but it got back up and charged me again. I remembered from movies that you bash its head in for it to die. I put all the power in the world and smashed its head in so it wouldn’t come back to get me. Staring at that poor girls head after smashing it in, it had me feeling sick to my stomach. I turned around and just let it all out, barf everywhere.

This isn’t right why is this happening. Questions running around my mind as I approached the living area. There was blood everywhere. All these dead people was just a sad sight to look at. Then I heard noises from the kitchen. I wasn’t going to take any risks so I went in ready to kill. It was either me or whatever was in there. I jumped in there was this women just sitting there crying. Making sure it wasn’t some zombie I yelled turn around. She turned around with these tears of fear rolling down her face. I asked her.

“What happened here.”

“Some guy walked in and just started killing everyone with his bare hands.”

“One man did all this damage?”

“Yes, it was like he had super strength.”

“Where did he go?”

“I don’t know, I hid behind the counter I wasn’t ready to die.”

“Let’s get out of here and some place to hide out till sun up.”


We left out the backdoor and went through this neighborhood. We saw a open house so we went in to stay there for the night. I walked in first to make sure there weren’t any more surprises. There was this guy sitting on the couch, I walked up to him and started to talk. I asked if we could stay the night because there was nowhere for us to go. This guy just sat there like he was when I first got there.

“Sir can we stay the night.”   

There was no answer,I repeated again.

“Sir can we stay the night”

He still didn’t answer so I tapped his shoulder. His head rolled off his shoulders like someone just sliced it off. I screamed like a little girl. It was like nothing I’ve ever seen before, someone's head rolling off their shoulder like it was nothing. I couldn’t have that poor lady see this terror after what she been through tonight. I hid the body in a closet and covered the blood with a blanket that guy was wrapped in.

“Hey come on in the coast is clear.”

“Where are we sleep.”

“Let’s go to the bedrooms upstairs”

I lead her upstair to the master bedroom.

“You sleep here, I sleep in the room across the hall.”

“Please don’t leave me I don’t feel safe sleeping alone, can you sleep with me.”

“Yeah why not.”

She fell asleep so fast she must of been exhausted from all the death. It took me awhile to fall asleep. I couldn’t stop thinking about everything that happened tonight. It felt like a dream. None of this could’ve been real.

Next Morning

It was morning I woke up before her. She looked so peaceful so I let her sleep in. I was starving, I went downstairs to look for some food. Went to the kitchen and looked through everything there was no food. All he had in his house was meat and it looked disgusting. I started searching through the house to find anything useful. I didn’t anything it was like this guy lived in the 2010s everything was old and broken. I went back upstairs to see if she was awake. I found her in the room crying. She looked pale like she was getting sick. It wasn’t that big of a deal she had a long night, she’ll be alright later today I told myself.

We went into the city later that day to see how things were looking. Downtown Atlanta was destroyed it looks like there was a war here. We traveled around the city in awe looking at all the buildings burned down, and all these bodies scattered everywhere. I didn’t know why all this was happening. So I looked closely at this dead body hoping I would figure out why this is happening. Examining the body I spot a this deep bite mark on this guys neck. It was all black and slimy as if there was tar poured all over the wound. Then I remembered my research from the disease I found at the CDC. It showed all the similar effects on all these dead bodies. Thinking back on what I found in my research there was this cure I made for it incase some got the disease, but there was only a few vials of the cure. I knew I had to figure out a way to get the cure to everyone in Atlanta before it spread throughout the state.

I grabbed her hand and told her “let's go, we have to get to my old apartment I found a way to save everyone.” I had to break into the apartment since I didn’t live there anymore. We got into the apartment, I told her sit there and relax I’ll be back. I got to my office, everything was the same from when I got evicted. I knew there was a way to save everyone I just had to figure it out. Something clicked I knew what needed to be done. I needed to make just a little bit more of the cure and make it airborne so that it would get to everyone in the city all at once.

Later That Day

I finally made more of the cure after hours of hard work. I had this gas blower that I stole from the CDC when they fired me. I put all the cure into the blower. Right before I got a chance to start the blower. I felt something bit me then I knew it was too late; My last words were:

“Life as we knew it is over”

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