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The Betrayl: Based on a true story

It all started 3 and a half years ago, my mother, brother and I moved into a new house, after waiting 13 years on a list as our previous house only had two rooms and there is three of us, also I couldn't share my room with my brother as he is 3 years older than me, anyway, we moved into this new house with three big bedrooms and two toilets, an upstairs and downstairs, everything was great, my auntie came to visit us every second week for dinner and we went out to her house which was three towns away so we had to get the bus there and back every other week, my mother and auntie are pretty close at this point, as they are obviously sisters and grew up together. As money soon became a problem for us we couldn't go out there and they couldn't come out here, so we borrowed money from family members and things until we managed to get back on our feet. We were finally able to repay everyone and get back on our fwwt in no time, now my brother is working a good paying jobs, as is my mum, but I have decided to stay on at school an extra year as I am in my fourth year at school, after everything that has happened I feel like I owe my mum so much, even though none of it was my fault, nor hers.


So earlier today my mum came home to a letter from the debt collectors telling her she owes a catalouge (which is like a magazine book you can order things out of and pay them after you get them, just for anyone who doesn't know what a catalouge is) £360, she then proceeded to call them and tell them that she has never and will never oreder anything out of a catalouge as she doesn't trust them, so the company referred her to a fraud office and she made a statement and things so they are going to look into it, so my mum came up to my aunties for dinner as we usually do, it is a ritual that every Monday I go straight from school to my aunties and my mum comes up after she gets home from work, we have our dinner and then come back down the road after sitting with her for a couple of hours as my auntie (different one from earlier, she's not actually mu auntie she is my nanas friend but she is practically a mum figure to me) is old and deteriorating slowly, so my mum told my auntie about this letter when we got up and she suggested my other auntie (the first one I was talking about) as she has used someone elses name before, my mum wasn't so sure but decided to pursuse the matter further. When we got home she called my auntie first and told her about everything, my auntie didn't have a clue who it could have been, my mum then proceeded to call my nana, she suggested that it could be my auntie. Then as we were talking about it, my nana called us back and told us that my auntie confessed to doing it but tried to convince us to just let it go as it was 3 and a half years ago.


I mean what the actual hell? We're all family, family aren't supposed to put other family members into debt that they didn't even cause. How could she just betray us like that? She tried to use the excuse that it was nearly 4 years ago and she forgot to tell us but that is no excuse for the betryal that she done herself, she told us that she would email the debt and catalouge as my mum explaining that my mum had ordered something but forgot and she will pay the money, is she trying to make the situation worse? My mum doesn't want to be black listed/get her credit score down, also we don't have that kind of money to pay especially during the middle of the month and after Christmas and New Year. What kind of snake in the grass would do that, and to think my nana was in on it too is ridiculous, our own blood and family, betraying us like that, what the fuck man!?


Yes, I used this as a rant and yes, this is a true story, also no, I'm not ashamed, actually I am more shocked and annoyed than anything else. Thank you for taking time to read this.Smile

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