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The Candle



Bethany Renee

I see it there lit up, as I watch the smoke puff up here and there. The flickering candle is beautiful with its gorgeous brown and blond glow. The smell makes me feel warm inside, like the way you feel when you’re cuddled up by a fireplace and it’s feezing outside. The smell of the candle fills the house; it’s my mother's favorite vanilla and pumpkin spice. Every now and then, my mom buys a new candle; she always thinks it makes the house smell new.  I agree everytime.  My dad likes to come home after a hard day at work and put his feet up and smell the candle too.  

Most people don't take the time to notice the simplest things.  Candles are not just for smell; they are also for light. For example, when you open a book, you‘re in the dark, you don't always know exacly what will happen, there could be a twist.  When you light a candle, you're able to go into a dark place and know exacly what’s there.  You might see a kitten or even a rat!  The truth is you should just stop and look at the things around you because no matter what you look at, either a penny or a tooth, in some way it could be something remarkable.  A candle is really just a piece of wax and a wick; but to some people it’s's light, it’s warmth and sometimes even a wonderful smell that can make you feel happy and fuzzy all the time.

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