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The Philosophers Stone

The Philosophers’ Stone

In the old and mysterious books of alchemy, they speak of a magical process, of turning base metals into gold. All though history, mankind has tried to find the formula to make this alchemy process we call transmutation.

I am a Merlin fan and a Philosophers Stone fan. I have read the stories and the tales. I have even come upon books that describe what the Philosophers’ Stone is (chemically). As a pharmacist, I am able to appreciate the science behind these ancient tales and I can make my own decisions as to whether such a substance actually exists.

Sufficient to say at this point, that the Philosophers’ Stone does exist and it is available to buy online. It comes under the title of “Monatomic Gold”. I have read the science behind ORME’s and Monatomic Gold. It is rock solid. There is a major problem when ordering these items online, however. There is no way of knowing, that, the product you have received, is what you have paid for.

But if you are like me, ordering is only one part of the equation. In order to convince myself to take such a risky substance, I had to do enormous amount of research. I looked at various sites to see feedback from people that have used it. I went on various other sites to learn more information, on this subject. What other forms does it come in? Is it locally made? Is the company reputable? The questioning, simply, does not finish. Yet, my interest was so great, that I have actually placed an order online, and before I knew it, the product has arrived.

As I look at the yellow powder, I cannot wait to take this mystical and magical powder. It promises to keep me younger, make me smarter and repair my DNA. The theory is fantastic, but there is still a large element of doubt on whether it will do anything, at all. Main stream scientists, do not believe in it and curiously, they do not want to know about it. Even, my own family looks at me, in disbelief. They cannot believe, that I can take, such a big risk with my health. But, I have been on a quest for ancient wisdom and knowledge for many years. Rightly or wrongly, it has ended up with this powder in my hands. This is the buried treasure of my treasure hunt! Eventually, I concede. I am prepared to take the risk and try a dose to see what will happen to me.

So this is the day I have decided, I cannot wait any longer. I take the prescribed amount of the powder with the scoop spoon provided. I carefully place it under my tongue, for quick absorption. The powder tastes salty and chalky, but instantly dissolves in my saliva. Over the next hour, I anxiously await to see what effects it will have. When I do not feel anything, I start convincing myself, that perhaps, everyone else was right. Perhaps there is no such thing, as The Philosophers’ Stone. Then after a few days, I get strange sensations at a point about 3cm above the midpoint of my eyebrow line. I feel as though neurones are firing from one brain cell to another. The sensation is not a headache, but it is unmistakeable. Something is happening in my brain!

I get my spiritual books out and I try to work out the significance of the area where I am feeling the sensation. The books say it is a chakra, a nerve centre. It is where the third eye is located. So whatever it is, I am taking, it is doing something in an area that increases intuition and spirituality. But, I must repeat I have no idea what is happening in my brain.

Like a good scientist, I decide that, it is time, to document everything. Documentation is the scientific way. Even if nothing remarkable occurs, at least I will have a written summary of have of events as they have occurred. I will list all sensations and instincts as they occur.

As weeks go past, I do not really notice any major difference. However, I do notice that my written reports seem longer and I am a little bit more perceptive. I seem to be able to sum up people, a little better. Sometimes I can anticipate certain things, before they happen. I seem to be sleeping better and I can now remember some of my dreams when I wake up. I have even taken up walking to improve my general fitness.

I like all the small changes that have occurred. So, I decide that I will write a short story on my interesting experience with this mystical substance. I get on a publisher’s website and they ask me to write a report in a certain font size and writing style. They ask me to send a query letter introducing myself and my topic. I have to sell myself as a writer. I start thinking about all the attributes I have, that, makes me a good writer.

When I am ready with my query letter, I email it through. The publishers soon reply back, asking for a sample of my writing. But the sample chapter must be on a pdf file, and the pages must be formatted. I am afraid, because I do not know how to format the page or convert my Microsoft document file into a pdf file. I get onto my computer and I experiment with formatting and file conversions. I soon realise, it is not as complicated as I first thought.  After a few hours of experimentation, I manage to create a sample chapter file and a biography file. I enter the publisher’s site and I  email  all the requested  information.

A week later, I receive a reply, that my sample chapter was good, but not good enough to enter the final list. My initial response is one of disappointment. But, after a while I realise that, I am only one, of millions entering these competitions. Many of these story writers are much more qualified than me, in short story writing and the manner in which they present their story. I remind myself, that, in entering a new field, I am right back to grade one. If I really want to succeed in any new field, I must go through the grades and learn all my lessons, slowly one by one.

I decide that at a later date, I will have another attempt at this short story writing, caper. Then I suddenly realise, that writing the short story and making an interesting presentation, is only one step of a complicated equation. I must approach a publisher, that is, interested in this field. I cannot send a science report to a poetry publisher. I cannot send a sports story to a literature site. So, I, then search the web, for short story publishers, that may be, interested in ancient mysteries/ alchemy/weird and wonderful stories. I find a couple on the internet and I send them, my short story.

Months pass and I completely forget about the short story. I keep taking my Philosophers’ Stone. I keep documenting, all the effects, I think it is having on me. After a year, it is time to reflect.

This supplement, I am taking is quite expensive and I must decide whether I will continue with it or not. I am sure, that the supplement has done something, but I do not know, exactly what.

I review the last twelve months of my life. I look in the mirror to examine my physical appearance. I look the same. Then I remind myself that I am now, forty years of age. Every year, I have been noticing more wrinkles and signs of ageing. This year though, if anything, I look a bit better than the same time last year. As a result of the regular walking, I have lost a couple of kilograms and I feel lighter.

 I take out my diary and I see that it is full of entries for the first time. I have always had a diary, but I have hardly entered anything in it, in the past. This year, I have made entries on how I feel, each day. I have made entries on meaningful dreams. I have also made entries on ideas and goals that have come to mind. I have also made entries on major interactions with various people that I come in contact in my life.

I go on the computer to see my emails. I immediately realise, that I have sent and received a lot more emails this year, than before. I now know how to forward emails. I can now send attachment files with my email, something that I could not do last year. I look at my documents file and it is full of notes I have made throughout the year. Finally I get a confirmation, that, my short story is in consideration for a prize.

Despite all that, I decide that, this experiment must now end. There is simply not enough reward for the price I am paying and the safety risk, I am taking. I am very concerned about taking a supplement that, I am not sure, if there are long term side effects. No, it is time to stop the Philosophers” Stone and get back to normal life.

Over the next year, life does in fact continue. But, over a period I realise that I do not have, the energy levels, I had last year. I no longer, write entries in my diary. I no longer write stories and ideas in m documents file. I also, start noticing more wrinkles and freckles on my face. I have stopped the walking and I have put on four kilograms.

Then, all of a sudden, it all clicks into place. The instantaneous spiritual enlightenment I was waiting for, was occurring while I was taking this magic supplement. But it was not instantaneous. It was slow and gradual.  I was not aware of it, as it was happening. But I was able to achieve more in that year, personally and spiritually, than at any other year of your life.

I have one more question I must answer. Do I go back to my mysterious source and buy some more Philosophers” Stone?










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