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Hard Times

As i was growing up i got to learn and see more and more about people falling in love or what a relationship is. At the age of 15, living on a small island with only so much people you see that are not related to you, living on a small island were everything is walking distance. I had a favorite beach i love going to, not only cause its close but because just being their makes me feel relaxed and its where i go to go cruise with my friends. one day i met this group of boys they where just like me but a boy version. they was cruise and they was funnnnnyyyy. well one of them had a really big heart. my friend liked him so i backed off and let her be, knowing i was already in a relationship that i didnt really wanna be in. When she told me she hooked up with her ex i was releifed but i still didnt tell anyone that one of the boys we just met he cought my eye but i didnt wanna show it cause i didnt know how he felt. but as we got to know eachother more he started to show his true feelings, and so did i. then he asked me " will you be mines?" after that day i was 1000x happier then i usually am. he showed me what was true love he showed me how to love i was in love with him like really in love with him. 

I once made him my everything, i gave him my all, i loved him in way i couldnt even love myself. then he cheated on me one day and my whole world just fell apart. i loved him so much and i still do till this day he was my everything but now hes happy with someone else and i still love him till this day even if he cheated on me

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