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The Professional Text Abreviations

Chapter 1:Have you ever wondered how to use text abreviations?Well this chapter is just the right place to learn!Step 1:Get a phone.Step 2:Go to messages on your phone.Step 3:Select a contact to text.Step 4:Type abreviation and message(ex:TTYL(talk to you later)and send!

Chapter 2:Have you ever wondered what text abreviations are?Well this chapter,you can learn that!Now back to what text abreviations are.Text abreviations are multiple letters that stand for words when you don't want to type multiple words.

Chapter 3:Have you ever wondered why text abreviations exist?Well guess what?!In this chapter,you will learn why!Text abreviations exist because instead of typing millions of words you can abreviate them and than you don't have to waste your time and you won't spell things wrong but that is not why they exist.

Chapter 4:Have you ever wondered how to text?Well guess what!?You can learn how to text in this chapter.Step 1:Get aphone.Step 2:Go to the app called messages.Step 3:Pick a contact/person in your phone.Step 4:Type words to communicate with them.

OMG=Oh My God
LOL=Laughing Out Loud
TTYL=Talk To You Later
ROFL=Rolling On Floor Laughing
AS=Awsome Saucem
BRB=Be Right Back
BBL=Be Back Later
WB=Welcome Back
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