CLOSE ENCOUNTER 1964 | By: Terry Collett | | Category: Short Story - Life Bookmark and Share


Come in Benny Milka's mother says she won't be long she's just tidying up her room and I don't what she does in there but it's like a bomb's hit it half the time Benny enters into the warm kitchen of the farmhouse it smells of fresh baked bread and it hits him straight away and he studies Milka's mother she too seems to smell of fresh bread and as she turns from him she says take a seat Benny 'll get you a cup of tea but before he sits down he looks at her standing there cuddly and bread smelling and senses a motherly thing about her as if he could put his arms around her ample waist and lay his cheek against her back and sniffs her in feel her warmness his fingers linking the other side of her waist or better still if she were to turn and he could embrace her as a little boy and snuggle up-close to her breasts and sniff her milkiness his arms about her but he sits down in one of the chairs around the big oak table and looks at her at how busy she is and thinking at the same time about Milka upstairs in her bedroom tidying up making her bed the same bed he and she had had sex in a week ago and had dreamed about often since the way she lay there and the sunlight coming through the window and the warmth of her body and later passing her mother on the country road and she had waved and he had waved back feeling lucky she hadn't come back sooner and caught them at it and he can't even begin to imagine that what she would have said and done you like sugar don't you Benny you like it sweet and with body if I remember you saying the other week and she laughs and he feels unsure of himself and he says yes that's right and he laughs too and she turns and puts down a cup and saucer onto the table in front of him and he looks at it then at her and she's smiling at him lovely he says thank you avoiding looking at her breasts or eyes in case they give him and his thoughts away biscuit or a slice of cake? she asks o yes cake would be nice he replies and she turns and walks across the room and there is  a sway of her hips as she moves and he follows her with his eyes sipping the tea done it Milka says rushing into the kitchen done the room and straight away Benny's eyes go from her mother's hips to Milka's eyes bright and fiery I thought I  heard you knock she says to Benny looked out the window but you'd gone in she adds sitting down beside Benny gazing at her mother can I have some cake too? she asks and a cup of tea? her mother looks at her over shoulder I expect so I hope you've done that room good it was a right mess when I saw it this morning when I called you up for the umpteenth time yes I have Milka says gazing at Benny lifting her eyebrows  smiling in that way she did you know Benny she's a right lazy girl I hope to God she bucks up her ideas before she gets herself a husband poor chap whoever he may be Milka says nothing but squeezes Benny's thigh under the table making him squirm briefly he touches her thigh and holds it feels the softness of her naked skin here you are her mother says putting down a plate with cake on it in front of Benny hope you enjoy it she says Benny’s hand releases Milka's thigh and with both hands he picks up the huge piece of cake and begins to eat it now you madam she says to Milka you want the same I presume and I would like to hear the word please if I can please Mum Milka says in a little girl voice she puts on her mother pours another cup of tea and cuts another slice of cake and brings both and places them in front of Milka there you are thank you Mum Milka says her hand still squeezing Benny's thigh right I'll be upstairs cleaning up the bathroom I’ll look in your room to see if you have done it right young lady her mother says eyeing Milka sternly I have Milka says defensively  her mother leaves the kitchen and they hear her go up the staircase Milka gives Benny's thigh one last squeeze then releases it did you miss me? she asks of course I did he says thought you'd never get down before your mum had her wicked way with me why what did she do? Milka asks what's she up to now? she poured me tea and asked me in a sexy voice anything else Benny?  really? Milka says like that? no I’m having you on he says smiling I bet she would though if she were younger bet she'd have you in her bed as quick as you could say Elvis you're jealous of your mum? he said no I'm not it's just that she has this way with males goes all soft and swoony she does it if the grocer comes and he's young and she's all over him makes me want to puke Milka says so there's hope for me yet then? Benny says smiling not funny Milka says you'd better not or I’d squeeze your penis until it was useless I was only joking Benny says he sips the tea and she stares at him you'd better be she says close thing last week wasn't it? he says I passed your mum on the road on my bike and she waved I know mum said she'd seen you and it was too close a few minutes later and she'd have caught us and God knows what would have happened then Milka says blushing and looking at the window he thinks about it and feels his stomach tighten the mere thought of Milka's mother standing by the bedroom door as he and Milka were having it away makes him feel momentarily sick Milka touches him hand gently it was good though wasn't it she says even if she nearly caught us yes it was he says Milka's mum standing at the door of the bedroom ghostly gazing at them both butt naked and bare and she just standing there.

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